Reclaiming Our Culture: Education

Reclaiming Our Culture: Education
R.E. Prindle

People speak of Globalism as if there were no attending problems. Education is a major problem. Perhaps not so much in racially and linguistically mono culture regions such as China and Africa, and neither is going multi-cultural any time soon, but in regions like North America and Europe that have been uniquely declared the common property of the world educating many diverse cultures as a single unit is proving impossible.

The cities of Detroit and Birmingham in the US are unique in being mono cultural but in cities like New York, Boston and Chicago student bodies are extremely fractured along racial lines, or, in other words, diverse. In those cities the student bodies are predominantly Negro and/or Mexican the rest of the students being in much smaller fractions. They are recent immigrants speaking scores of languages. What sort of curriculum has been devised to deal with such incongruous diversity? None.

As these cultures are encouraged to maintain themselves in some sort of United Nations setting would it not be the proper thing to do to establish schools for each culture. After all, of what interest can Shakespeare be to Hmong students who have no history of European culture? Can they even understand Elizabethan English let alone English society? Wouldn’t Khmer history be of more interest to them, the Indianization of the sub-continent?

Negroes insist on an afrocentric education. Who is to say that they shouldn’t have it? Shouldn’t schools be set aside for Negroes in a just multi-cultural society? Jews already have set up their ethno-centric schools as do Moslems. Catholics also have their more religiously centered schools. For all practical purposes Mexicans have their ethnic schools in places they have cleansed of other cultures such as in Los Angeles and San Diego. Is this wrong? I say no.

Separate out the various cultures and let them learn in their own way with a curriculum they desire. No culture left behind. Democracy in action.

When the cultures have been recognized and accommodated perhaps then the remaining White part of America’s students can be given their ethno-centric education with a curriculum based more on learning useful subjects rather than being indoctrinated in racial politics as the whole course of study. After all education in science and Euroamerican literature is sure to be more meaningful to their culture than enshrining anti-Aryan Hate Laws as the ideal.

I say the sooner schools are so culturally sorted the faster this country will get ahead. A healthy intellectual competition never hurt anything. Let the most productive culture prove what it can do.

This is the 21st century; change is now.


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