Reclaiming Our Culture: Politics

Reclaiming Our Culture: Politics
R.E. Prindle

God gave men all earth to love,
But since our hearts are small,
Ordained for each one spot should prove
Beloved over all…

–Rudyard Kipling

The inevitable consequence of the burgeoning of the world population is that distances disappear; we are all in contact with each other. Thus globalism is the result, a global economy has emerged trumping all local economies. Adaptation to change is the name of the game while it is easier to adapt up than to adapt down.

New classes of people have emerged. Businessmen as a group have no local loyalty. The United States, France, China mean nothing more to them than markets, money to be made. Thus, they transcend all regional or local politics, indeed, they appoint the managers of each regional market, be it the US, France, China or wherever. These managers formerly known as Presidents or Prime Ministers are now nothing more than managers. True there is the charade of elections but their is no real choice, you either vote for their candidate #1 or their candidate #2.

They employ, much as J.P. Morgan managed the loosely knit group of capitalists beneath him, the members of the regional governments, formerly known as congresses or parliaments, to manage the region. But the whole regional government is now divorced from the State or Department population they ostensibly serve. Actually they are responsible to the wishes of the Global Money Trust. This is the change you got whether you believe in it or not.

The States and localities function, or can function more or less independently of the regional managers, much as the redoubtable Jan Brewer of Arizona does. Bless her.

The States and localities are the actual functioning units. Thus, the issue at that level is not of political parties but of ideologies; which mores are going to rule.

You and I in our localities while being cognizant of the Global nature of economics have no direct need of it. We can only be concerned with our one spot ordained for us. It is what happens on the ground we stand on that matters.

…That, as He watched Creation’s birth,
So we, in godlike mood,
May of our love create our earth
And see that it is good.

Rudyard Kipling

So, what do we care about a Global Money Trust that cares nothing for us and its regional appointees. Let them govern that which concerns us not, and let us govern the matters that concern us.

Laws that seem reasonable to them are very unreasonable to us. Someone in rural Northern California has no interest in laws that apply only to the Atlantic Seaboard or New York City.

Our message to the Global Money Trust and the regional manager of the US, meaning Manager Obama, is you mind your business and we’ll mind our own.

We don’t need no stinking regional laws.


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