Reclaiming Control Of Our Culture

Reclaiming Control Of Our Culture
R.E. Prindle

One of the results of pre-1914 immigration was that Aryans resigned control of the US culture to the immigrants themselves. Even the administration of immigration itself was placed in the hands of the immigrants. The unspoken deal was that the immigrants would recognize the superiority of our political system and culture renouncing their in our favor. This was called the Melting Pot theory. It was delusional and not realistic. The Melting Pot was never to be realized.

Of course there were certain people, denounced as Nativists bigots, who pointed out that theory was based on a false premise and couldn’t work. Liberals hooted them down as bigots and morally corrupt narrow people.

While this struggle was going on immigrants who thought our political system was inferior to theirs were going about laying the ground work for supplanting our system and culture with theirs. First among these peoples were the Jews.

As has been shown by the recent founding of the Paideia organization in Sweden by the ex-pat US Jew Barbara Spectre with the intention of suppressing the history of nineteenth century Aryan culture in favor of what she calls ‘Jewish Knowledge’, this has been their modern goal since the Jewish Emancipation of the French Revolution to the present.

It is no surprise then that from their landing on US shores the Jews set about supplanting Aryan systems and culture with their own.

This attempt fid not go unnoticed. A set of plans entitled the Protocols Of Zion professing this goal made its appearance but was vehemently denied as one would expect. Inn any event the Protocols were written toward the end of the nineteenth century and were obsolete by the time they were promulgated. Based on nineteenth century propaganda methods the twentieth century at its opening provided new unparalleled propaganda venues that went on increasing and improving: movies, radio, recording, TV and improved publishing techniques. The mass market was in front of them.

As movies and the new venues were unexploited those on the qui vive had the most incentive to exploit them and those people were the Jews. It was essential to control the content an personnel of these new opportunities. Thus with these more than powerful venues that caught the Aryans flat footed the Jews were able to begin the displacement of Aryan culture with their own.

When talking pictures became the norm about 1930 the way was clear. Radio that became commercial at about the same time placed the whole propaganda apparatus in Jewish hands.

The death camps of the Nazis placed the weapon of guilt in Jewish hands that was found to be irresistible. The actions of a few while unrepresentative of Jews in the case of Jewish criminals were declared representative of every single Aryan and White person. Thus, by at least the year 2000 Jewish culture and mores had taken prominence over Aryan. The Revolution is almost completed.

Our good will toward all has been traduced. It is only necessary to reject this Jewish influence to defeat the Jewish conquest.

As I indicated in my previous post it is necessary to establish our own presence in the movie and other propaganda industries and reaffirm our own cultural values. It is necessary perhaps as has been done in Canada and England to pass laws limiting the participation in the media of other nationalities.

When Canada and England, for instance, feared the dominance of American cultural influence whether movies, performing arts or other they had no compunction is legally limiting it. The came can be done in this country, Aryan Affirmative Action so to speak. Perhaps such would not be unlike the anti-Aryan Hate Laws championed by the Jews.

Obviously the system we developed, Democracy can be used to subvert the State without restraints. Let us put restraints in place to ensure the smooth operation of Democracy. The time for hope and change is now. A change is gonna come.


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