Why Not Another Hollywood?

Why Not Another Hollywood?
R.E. Prindle

The hypnotic influence of the movies is being conceded to Hollywood when nothing would be easier for us than to create a counter-Hollywood. This is a huge country. Why is there only one movie center? Currently Hollywood is controlled by Jews and they control the content shown to the entire population.

Content conditions the viewer to see things in a certain way. Perpetually repeated in every movie a specific way of looking at things is surreptitiously inculcated; a new more is inculcated and generally subscribed to.

Why do we not offer the public our point of view- change we can believe in. Keep the good mores and create new ones that further our cause.

Nothing could be easier. All you need is an empty hangar somewhere, anywhere and you’re ready to set up business.

Financing should be a relatively simple step- offer shares in a public company or two. Set up a distributing arm and finally set up public companies in big cities to either buy a theatre chain or create a new one. Expand from there. Thus vertically integrated the network would be independent of existing operations that would be sure to refuse our offerings or sabotage them.

There should certainly be enough talent, writers, actors etc. to produce movies from our point of view- entertainment not overt heavy handed propaganda. There are certainly enough stories that can be dramatized, enough complaints to be visualized.

Let’s stop complaining about movies and do something about it. Screw Hollywood! Who need them? If we can’t do a simple thing like setting up our own film center then we should give up the fight and join them.

Are we men and women or are we Devo? To action.


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