A World Without Jews

A World Without Jews
R.E. Prindle


Adam Kirsch continues to wrestle with the problem of Judaism in his review of David Nirenberg’s new book Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition. Adam and Dave ask the nonsensical question: What is the difference…between anti-Semitism and Judaism? The answer of course is that both Judaism and Semitism are social constructs existing in the minds of Jews, there is no difference.

Adam, writing the review, argues that Semitism is a group of people but Judaism is an idea. Semitism and Judaism are merely the same idea under different names while neither can exist without a people- that is believers. I’m getting embarrassed for Adam who can’t seem to understand the nature of the Jewish dilemma.

In point of fact there is no resolution of the Jewish dilemma, either the Jews must exterminate the other or the other must exterminate the Jews. The problem in Western Culture is the Jews not Western Culture. This is a four thousand year old war that was born in blood and must end in blood. Inescapable.

In that sense Hitler was only obeying an historical imperative that had to result in a them or us resolution. Adam and his fellows seem to believe that Jews somehow live outside logic, outside history, outside sociology, beyond analysis. He believes that Jews are the Chosen, justified sinners, who are hated because they are better. Nothing can dislodge this misapprehension from his mind or the minds of his fellow Jews. Nothing ever will. It is futile to even try to ‘convert’ them to reality. Thus the war goes on as the Jews persist in their attempt to eliminate the West, or Aryans.

Even though Westerners have been guided by a scientific intellect for centuries Adam and Dave are still fixated on the phase of the war between Jews and Christians. He and Dave persist in referring to us as Christians when we passed that magical-theological-metaphysical understanding of the world long ago. Adam and Dave don’t understand that they are atavisms irrelevant to scientific thinking. They embrace their atavism and persist in it willfully. Nothing can release them from their ignorance.

So be it. Yet they cannot be allowed to go on creating senseless havoc in the name of their misperception in a world desiring to be orderly. As violence is the Jewish stock in trade there can be only one result.

Of course the Jews could always capitulate thus ending the phantom psychology of Semitism and with it its concomitant anti-Semitism. Not going to happen that way.


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