Last Year In Marienbad

Last Year In Marienbad
R.E. Prindle

Scene From Last Year In Marienbad- Great Flick

Scene From Last Year In Marienbad- Great Flick

In the rapidly forming Jewish fantasy of the conquest of the Aryans two articles have appeared defining the situation. The first appeared on Jewish World entitled Islamization Of Europe A Good Thing and the second on Tablet Ezine entitled The Haunted Spas Of Europe.

Both deal with the furious Jewish assault on the so-called anti-Semites of Europe. As a Jewish social construct anti-Semitism has no objective existence as is amply proven by Rabbi Baruch Efrati, the Jewish school head of the West Bank who boldly states: “There shall be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity.” The Jewish fixation on Christianity has no validity as most of the West turned Scientific during the last two centuries. So let’s just say that Efrati means Aryans when he says Christians.

Well, maybe Wolf Hitler was onto something. Maybe genocide is a universal desideratum having been part of Jewish culture dating from the time the Ages changed from Taurus to Aries. In a choice between genocide and victory I think the choice is clear. An us or them situation.

The subtitle to Natalie Naimark-Goldberg’s The Haunted Spas Of Europe is Jews Flocked To Retreats Like Marienbad, But What Couldn’t Be Healed Was Europe’s Anti-Semitism. To quote Natalie

…a new book by Mirjam Zadoff, Next Year In Marienbad: The Lost Worlds Of Jewish Spa Culture…comes to fill the void left by the destruction of a world once populated by a multitudinous European Jewry who lived and often bathed and relaxed together. Drawing from a wide variety of historical sources, Zadoff reconstructs the Jewish experience at the Western Bohemian spas, which she depicts as “Jewish spaces”, places where Jews felt at home after adopting the European middle-class practice of annual spa visits….

After adopting European practices? Jews have truly said they will occupy houses they didn’t build. In other words, displace those who did.

First the so-called anti-Semites built the spa culture. If the movie Last Year In Marienbad, shot in Bavaria, accurately portrays a spa they were spectacular resorts built by Aryan minds and hands to Aryan standards of beauty and comfort. And just when they get it built…here cum de Jews to make “Jewish space” and drive them out.

…Jews constituted the dominant group…It is not incidental that even in the heyday of the Jewish presence at the Bohemian spas, Jews had their own enclaves; coexistence with members of other religions was never widespread. Jews lived apart from the rest, segregated within their own (invisible) boundaries, as if in a protected sanctuary…

One can believe the contempt which these haughty scions of ‘purity‘, treated the impure brethren of Christianity, putting up invisible social barriers daring the anti-Semites to cross and then complaining about their own self-imposed ‘ghettos.’

As Natalie says coexistence with the Jews was made impossible, not because of Aryan attitudes but Jewish attitudes.



…Take…Carlsbad…in the first decade of the 20th century. Wishing for a kosher meal, one would have found oneself being asked the kind of kashrus one preferred, for there was a restaurant that catered to the stringencies of every sect. A similar range of choices would confront whoever looked for a prayer house from imposing synagogues or “Temples” liberal style, to prayer rooms set up ad hoc by Chasidim courts that arrived accompanying the rebbe during his annual cure, and other traditional minyanim for those to who organs and mixed choirs were unpalatable.

Where is the discrimination by anti-Semitic Aryans that Jews say they encountered? These Jews were welcome to come. What of the holocaust, then? Was the crowd of rebbes any different than Rabbi Efrati who preaches that ‘there shall be no remnants and survivors from Christianity’, that is to say Aryans? Of course not. As Fyodor Dostoievsky famously wrote, the Jews would gladly have murdered all the Russians if they had the opportunity. And post-1917 when they did have the opportunity they seized it as best they could.

Holocaust? Holocaust, Bollockscaust! So what? It’s not a matter of Aryans killing Jews, it’s whether the Jews will kill the Aryans. Tit for tat. How can anyone fault Wolf Hitler for protecting his own kind?

What did Aryans do to Jews for hundreds of years as Efrati whines that the good rabbis wouldn’t have done to Aryans if they had the chance. In 1666 the Jews were prepared to murder all Aryans but then the Millennium passed without the appearance of the ‘messiach‘.

How do Jews treat American Aryans today? They have passed laws disenfranchising Aryans. Anti-Aryan hate groups like the Southern (Jewish) Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and their subject NAACP egregiously violate the rights of Aryans by threatening any hotel (read spa) that rents their facilities for Aryan group meetings. They sponsor murder groups to disrupt Aryan meetings in places like Chicago.

Holocaust? Holocaust, Bollockscaust. This is war and has been war for four thousand years. The casualties on both sides have been enormous and apparently will be even more enormous if Rabbi Efrati and his kind have their way. Well, if he really wants to take us on, now is as good a time as any. Declare yourselves, enough of this sneak genocide of Mayor Bloomberg in NYC. Last year in Marienbad; this year in New York City.

Disregard any insults such as anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is merely a social construct serving Jewish ends.


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