Treason In The Twenty-First Century

Treason In The Twentieth Century:
Politics In The Twenty-First
R.E. Prindle

I am currently reading Paris After The Liberation which deals with so-called collaborationists. This is a misnomer. They were not collaborating with the Germans, or Whites. As Whites ideologically themselves they were fellow Whites fighting the Reds or Communists.

When the Bolshevik Revolution succeeded in 1917 the rules of the game changed or, in other words, nationalities became irrelevant. Those around the world embracing the Red ideology were members of the Red Party working to realize that program.

Thus it takes a while for the new rules to be understood. Post 1917 Reds working for their cause in what were formerly national States became technically not traitors but soldiers in the Red army.

The Reds from 1917 on committed heinous crimes against humanity for which all Reds anywhere in the world were responsible. They exterminated the whole Kulak social class in the Soviet Union on an ideological basis. They exiled, murdered and plundered the old Russian nobility. They became unconscionable criminals.

Now, the White reaction, self-defenders, led by Hitler, Mussolini and Franco retaliated in kind. The murder of the Jews, who were determined to be enemies of the State no different than the Kulaks in the Soviet Union met the same fate. Thus Hitler and the Nazis are on a par with Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and the Communists, no greater a monster than they. There is nothing exceptional about Hitler except that he caused the White ideology great damage by an ill-conceived war he lost.

When Hitler conquered France et al. White activists joined arms in a holy war, a jihad in Moslem terms, against the Red forces.

French Whites did the same but as Fuchs et al. were true to their Red ideology but betrayed their nation States, although they were seen as traitors by the Whites, the Whites were seen as traitors to France but they were not. They were true to their White ideology, however, they were on the conquered side and paid the price.

In current terms, then, the Reds under Obama have seized control of the US Government much as Hitler and the Nazis did in Germany and Lenin and Trotsky did in Russia.

There is no reason why they will not treat US Whites as Stalin did the Kulaks. Obama can’t pass his most criminal desires as laws so he is issuing personal edicts, executive orders or ukases instead. These are vaporous having no force in law. One is not violating the majesty of the law by refusing to obey these personal edicts. They have no force in law.

But we Whites (in ideology not skin color) are duty bound to resist these edicts and overthrow our Red oppressors by any means necessary.

Don’t stand around waiting for an impeachment; it won’t happen.


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