Hollywood’s New Shoa

Hollywood’s New Shoa


R.E. Prindle


Who can explain the lovely Rachel Shukert? Her opinions seem to walk a fine line between the concerned and the kooky. I smiled in polite disbelief when she mourned the lack of vicious Jewish criminals, although to perhaps more perceptive observers the lack isn’t so self-evident. She applauded the shrine built to honor the Jewish, to the exclusion of the Italian, uber criminals who made Las Vegas the capitol of crime. But, hey, this is America, everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion unless…well…you’re of a different opinion than Rache, perhaps an anti-Semite, whatever they may be, or, this hurts to mouth to say, a Conservative.

Rache’s most recent foray into the literary jungles is a resounding round of applause for the pervert Quentin Tarantino’s latest sado-masochistic presentation, Django Unchained. Django is a sort of Negro Prometheus, a murderous sort who restricts his serial killing to White people. We can all applaud that, right Rache? Does he use a knife, bow and arrows, bolo or boomerang? Heaven’s no. I shudder to say this in the light of New Town… he uses a hand gun. A G-U-N. The G-word and that’s not Government.

Furthermore neither Hollywood nor the lovely Rachel makes an apology for it, the fact that he uses a gun isn’t even mentioned. No. No shame whatever. A gun may be a gun, may be a gun, may be a gun to paraphrase a famous lesbian Jewish author but whether it’s good or bad depends on whose hand is aiming it. OK in the hand of an unmasked Negro avenger but negative in the hand of a White woman shooting a Negro invader of her home. I’m sure he was going to politely ask her for a piece of ass rather than just rudely taking it. Some call it rape? Phooey. A need is a need is a need…Oh,oh, I think I’ve played this lick before.

Well, first there was Cowboys and Indians, then Cops and Robbers, then Jews and Nazis and now a new genre of the old theme that Rachel applauds, Negro Avengers and White (excluding Jews) Bigots. Will Hollywood ever lose its inventiveness? Or more importantly, will it ever gain a sense of morality?

Sometime in the not too distant past Rachel was celebrating the fact that Jewish (her identification not mine) producers required actors to turn it up if they wanted juicy roles. Did Django? Rache didn’t say whether actresses, or perhaps, female actors to be politically correct, were asked to do it forehandedly or backhandedly, or perhaps both. An oversight I’m sure she deeply regrets.

At any rate she prays for many more of these vicious gun crazed epics. I’m sure you will get them, Rache, I’m sure you will.

Hollywood is far crazier than Adam Lanza or even Jared Loughner.


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