Al-Qaeda Carves Out Own Country In The Sahara Desert

Al Qaeda Carves Out Own Country In The Sahara Desert


R.E. Prindle

Well, golly, what is one to think? First the Mad Bomber In The White House tomahawks Qaddafi to death than his hoard of weapons falls into the hands of Al Qaeda who we were told was nowhere near Libya who then traverse three thousand miles burning sand to set up shop in the Malian Sahara.

Our astute journalist then say how impossible it will be to fight them in that burning heat. Uncomfortable to say the least. Yah. But how will Al Qaeda be able to defend themselves in the same impossible conditions? Has everyone already forgotten the French Foreign Legion? A few hundred of those guys maintained order from the Atlantic to the Nile. They used to march at a dog trot for hours right through high noon. Now they can’t fight transported by motor convoys? How soft we’ve gotten

Where are these loony Al Qaeda going to hide? Didn’t any of these nut cakes watch Patriot Games? Better yet, just take a look at the low resolution satellite photo of the gas field they just stormed. Shoot, they can’t fart without being heard. The satellite operators can read their lips from way up there, let alone their computers. No improprieties, boys, you’re on Candid Camera.

So, let me ask this question: Why can’t crack White troops wipe these guys out in three days. Directed by satellite they can’t identify every single combatant. No excuses now. We’ll know you’re lying.


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