The Religious Left Takeover Of The US Government

The Religious Left Takeover Of The US Government


R.E. Prindle

The appointment of Jack Lew, a member of the ultra-religious left to the post of US Treasurer will very nearly complete the takeover of the US Government imposing a theocratic regime on we Americans.

Lew’s co-religionists already own the Federal Reserve giving it access to however many dollars they wish to print. Having control of the currency and the financial apparatus the religious left is now attempting to disarm Americans to make their conquest of the country not only de facto but actual.

Make no mistake these are primitive mentalities loyal to an Arien Age ideology embalmed in their Talmud. They mean to overthrow Western Aryan science in favor of what they call Jewish knowledge.

Bro. Nathanael has already shown the connection between these Israeli religious fundamentalists and the ammunition purchases of the government combined with the projected disarmament of US citizens. At the same time Liel Leibowitz at Tablet Magazine has crowed that the Israeli people are fully locked and loaded with a gun mentality that dwarfs ours and they’ve been using theirs to kill for decades. Obviously that is what they engineered at New Town.

As an occupation government the Obama/Israeli regime has completely disconnected from what was its constituency but is now a subject population. No loyalty is owed to this Kenyan/Israeli government.

Well, you knew it was going to happen.


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