Reds Vs. Whites

Reds Vs. Whites


R.E. Prindle

One of the problems Conservatives have in dealing with the political situation is that we don’t grasp that the political situation is not Republicans vs. Democrats as national parties but Whites versus Communists on a global scale. Thus Obama is a Red or Communist and Boehner is also a Red Communist. Obama was elected as a Red but Boehner was elected as and poses as a White while being a Red.

How else can you explain his abject capitulation to Obama over and over. Oh sure, they do a charade of last minute negotiations to make it look good but Boehner always throws in the towel. Either he’s a completely emasculated limp dick which should shame any man or he is complicit. Therefore he must be on the same side.

In 2008 Congress was safely compromised, the Reds owned the two houses without opposition. Then in 2010 an ideological White group named The Tea Party returned a substantial number of representatives even without Republican Party support. As Whites without a pink tincture they were a threat to the Red hegemony, hence, both Democrats and Republicans were horrified by their presence.

Rather than forge an independent White course the Tea Party allowed themselves to be disciplined by the Red Republicans, hence emasculated.

False Flag is a quite common con. The most important Red of the post-war period in the US was the covert Red William F. Buckley of the National Review Magazine. I smelled the bastard out in ‘64 while spotting the phony conservatives of the NR. In his novel the Redhunter Buckley even hinted at his true politics when he has the leader of the US Conservatives based on himself and the English leader who was also a covert Red laugh at their deception.

I mean, my god, Buckley’s greatest achievement for the Red cause was purging the Birchers for being true Conservatives. Yes, they were far right but they were the balls of the ideology. With them gone only limp dicks remained.

Then, forty years later when the Red ideology required open borders and unlimited immigration Buckley purged the restrictionists from his National Review Magazine. I don’t think those guys have gotten it yet. Oh, well.

So, not only did Boehner lose every battle with Obama, his fellow Congressmen re-elected him as Speaker Of The House based on a totally losing record. Obama 30, Boehner 0 or something like that.

The situation should be fairly clear, don’t you think?


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