Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws V: The Colonial Experience

Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws V: The Colonial Period


R.E. Prindle

We Aryans have a more than thin grasp of historical cause and effect. One can’t understand the impetus for Anti-Aryan Hate Laws without bearing in mind the colonial period from, say, 1600 to 1900. Now, Aryans did nothing than other conquerors had done, probably less. The Mongols of Genghis and Kublai Khan were totally destructive of civilization. They subjected the Russians to defeat and the worst humiliations for centuries.

The difference in the Aryan conquest of the world was that we were fair skinned while defeating all the coloreds of the world subjecting the Earth to our rule. There is no way to white wash any conquest. The conquerors are without exception arrogant. But, the Aryans were of a different skin tone while despising the darker species.

Technologically the Aryans were far superior to the rest of the entire planet combined. The Semites, Jews and Arabs alike, were root bound by their religion and remain so. The Chinese had been stalled for a couple thousand years; there was no hope for any change. The Aborigines of Australia? Well, what can one say.

Our superiority alone combined with fairness was enough to create the deepest hatred. True, Aryans found the world sunk in disease and poverty but unlike any other conquerors in history Aryan medicine and science removed all the diseases, improved nutrition, a concept none of the coloreds had ever conceived, and put the entire world on the track of prosperity. But, well, those are small things compared to having been a White conqueror rather than another colored one.

Thus, the entire issue is the irreparable one of Whiteness. The coloreds state explicitly that Whiteness, by any means necessary, must be eliminated from the face of the planet.

The coloreds cannot and will not rest until this is done. There is no concession that can be made that will change this. Having been rulers we must remain rulers or perish. Although bad the situation is not unredeemable. Dive and rule is always a viable approach. Agitate all differences, set side against side, people against people. There can be no peace without conquest.

Retake the education of Aryan children and then breed like flies. Forget overpopulation, there won’t be any in the long run. Observe no laws that discriminate against us.

This is our life and we must live on our own terms.



4 comments on “Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws V: The Colonial Experience

  1. Well then, the “Adepts” deny most emphatically to Western science any knowledge whatever of the growth and development of the Indo-Aryan race which, “at the very dawn of history” they have espied in its “patriarchal simplicity” on the banks of the Oxus. Before our proposition concerning “the old Greeks and Romans” can be repudiated or even controverted, Western Orientalists will have to know more than they do about the antiquity of that race and the Aryan language; and they will have to account for those numberless gaps in history which no hypotheses of theirs seem able to fill up. Notwithstanding their present profound ignorance with regard to the early ancestry of the Indo-European nations, and though no historian has yet ventured to assign even a remotely approximate date to the separation of the Aryan nations and the origins of the Sanskrit language, they hardly show the modesty that might, under these circumstances, be expected from them. Placing, as they do, the great separation of the races at the first “dawn of traditional history,” with the vedic age as “the background of the whole Indian world [of which confessedly they know nothing], they will, nevertheless, calmly assign a modern date to any of the Rig-vedic oldest songs, on its “internal evidence”; and in doing this they show as little hesitation as Mr. Fergusson when ascribing a post-Christian age to the most ancient rock-cut temple in India, merely on its “external form.” As for their unseemly quarrels, mutual recriminations and personalities over questions of scholarship, the less said the better.

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