Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws: The Chinese

Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws IV: The Chinese


R.E. Prindle


According to Evolutionary principles any species that fails to adapt to changing conditions will become extinct. Up to this point in time, god-like, humans have considered themselves exempt from this law.

Today, however, jostling human species have run out of room to move. Of the four great human species- Aryans, Semities, Mongolids and Negroids- one, two or three will have to become extinct in the near future. Of the four the least adaptable seem to be the Aryans while the most aggressive and organized are the Chinese Mongolids.

Aryan laws and political constitutions were developed to reflect and suit the Aryan psyche specifically. That psyche is not shared by any of the other three human species. I suspect the three have no idea what we’re talking about when we explain our utopian dreams of the Golden Race to them. Indeed having psychologically analyzed Aryans as a species they have figured out how to use our quirky laws and constitutions against us and to their advantage. Our refusal to adapt our laws and constitutions to exclude the three others is the Darwinian failure to react correctly to changing conditions. Extinction is assured.

As an example: In British Columbia, Canada the Chinese co-own the Murray River coalfield shipping the coal to China. Rather than hire locals the company imports native Chinese miners excluding Canadians from employment whether native or recent immigrant.

In point of fact the Chinese miners work for less and in substandard conditions as the continuing mine disasters in China indicate. When the local miners complained one Huizhe Li, a miner, filed a human rights complaint alleging that the Chinese people were being defamed.

Rather than laugh at the absurdity the Aryan politicos are actually going to allow this nonsensical complaint to go to court thus turning the battle field over to the enemy not only without a fight but gratuitously. Thus Mr. Li who can’t read English hence being unable to read the offending leaflets must be complaining through the Chinese legate Aryans allow the Chinese agents to subvert Aryan laws and customs. This is total insanity.

For those Aryans who are aware, we must band together to annex an area such as the Northwest as an Aryan homeland and expel, that is, cleanse, all non-Aryans. Such an area could include Montana and Manitoba west to the Pacific including Alberta, Idaho, Washington, BC and Alaska.

Don’t ask question, start migrating in numbers.


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