Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws III: The Mexicans

Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws: III The Mexicans


R.E. Prindle

Furthering the ethnic splitting of the electorate, probably the most significant element apart from the Jews, are the Mexicans who can also be grouped more broadly with ‘Hispanics’ from many diverse Central and South American countries. It should be remembered that they share as many diverse outlooks but the bulk of ‘Hispanics’ are Mexicans and it those tens of millions that have political influence.

It may be true that the bulk of the Mexican population just want to get on with their lives in a better social milieu that they were capable of creating on their own in Mexico. Of that majority it is true that they are better and harder workers than White Americans. However a very large minority wishes to separate what they call Aztlan from the US while at the same time seeking to impose the Mexican language and culture on the US. Yes, I know Mexican is based on Spanish but no Spaniard speaks like a Mexican. As Mexicans and English speaking Americans merge a form of Spanglish will emerge dissociating Mexcican from Spanish almost completely. Mexican and the other Central and South American dialects all differ to some extent. Brazilians speak Brazilian Portuguese while having a relatively large presence in the US.

Mexicans as a whole either do not understand US laws or choose to ignore them. In areas of large concentrations Mexicans ethnically cleanse their areas of all others, Aryan, Negro or whatever in contravention of US laws. Thus pure Mexican constituencies develop. They will have no choice but to vote for their own.

As no effort is being made to control the border there is no reason not to believe that, already the largest sub-population in the US, that they will not be in a position to contest political supremacy with Aryans in the near future. Within a decade a large percentage of congressmen will be Mexican forming a formidable voting bloc. As most White congressmen tend to be Liberals hence siding with Mexicans as part of the Liberal Coalition it is quite possible a Mexican Party may gain control of the lower house.

The situation at this point is irreversible. The Negro Party and White Liberal Party will do nothing to change the current situation even exacerbating it further.

As time is on the Mexican side it is doubtful that Mexicans will resort to military revolution. Why settle for Aztlan when you can win the whole country.


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