Avoiding Hysteria

Avoiding Hysteria


R.E. Prindle

Yes, the Newtown shooting was horrific And yet it is only the last of a lengthening series of such massacres. Unfortunately it will not be the last. The hysterical knee jerkers like Bloomberg of New York blame the impulse for such massacres on guns. In contradiction of Bloomberg his fellow Jew Liel Leibowitz gloats that Israel has a total gun culture but Newtown massacres don’t occur. Liel ignores that such crimes are displaced on others where heinous crimes are perpetrated on Palestinians while the Palestinians retaliate by blowing up Israeli cities and rain missiles on the City On A Hill. So Liel, keep it in your pants.

Liel and I agree though, guns aren’t the issue. Among the issues are the lethal drugs given small children. Drugs are not food; they are harmful foreign chemical substances. They are poisons that in large doses will kill. I have no doubt that over long use the poisons accumulate and do damage the brain structure. I have known a few adults dosed as children who have agitated brains while hating the society that committed the crime on them.

We now have thirty or forty years of people with chemical brain damage. Massacres like Newtown are going to occur on a regular basis so we must condition our minds to deal with them. Hysteria is not the proper response.

In addition Freudian psychology has shifted the emphasis from training rational consciousness to unleashing the irrational unconscious. This subconscious is then exposed to the purposely irrational pornography of Hollywood movies that postulate violence as the court of first resort. Children are bombarded with this evil from birth; on drugs the mind is most receptive to such powerful hypnotic influences conditioning on mental processes.

One should also bear in mind that evil people like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn have established CAC schools around the country meant to indoctrinate and condition young minds to their violent response to society. These schools should be vetted immediately and discontinued. If any children have been conditioned to violent acts in the future they should be treated immediately.

And lastly young children are being burdened with insane sexual indoctrination. Young boys beginning in kindergarten are being taught to embrace homosexuality. Add this folly to drugs and one has a recipe for incredible violence a decade or so in the future.

Of course limp brains like Bloomberg will be the first to blame the violence on weapons rather than drugs, misguided sex and violent movies.

So, these massacres will probably increase long before they decrease. We will have to prepare our minds to deal with them in a prepared rational manner rather than with Bloombergian hysteria.


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