Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws I: The Jews

Understanding Anti-Aryan Hate Laws I: The Jews


R.E. Prindle

Currently Hate Laws directed at Aryan men are excluding them from equal protection under the law as per the US Constitution. Thus other species and races are enfranchised and Aryan men disenfranchised contrary to the Law. As wrong headed as these Hate Laws are they are a tribute to the superior manhood or masculinity of Aryan men. This is not my claim only so calm your genes, those who have passed those laws automatically acknowledge their inferiority or emasculation.

They say they are ‘protected’ classes and Aryan men are denied equal protection under the law thus admitting openly that they cannot compete on an equal basis with Aryan men. Even more viciously they have separated Aryan women from Aryan men including them within their Anti-Aryan ranks. Aryan women have very foolishly accepted this separation that pits them against their own men.

The instigators of these laws were the Jews. One senses their deep inferiority complex. While boasting of their superiority to Aryans Jews betray their true feelings for if they were superior why would they need laws to disenfranchise Aryan men.

The Jews convict themselves in the court of reason and Freudian psychology of being emasculated.

In Part II we will look at the case of the Jewish confederates in this anti-Aryan conspiracy, The Negroes.


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