Jingle Bells And Jews

Jingle Bells And Jews


R.E. Prindle



     Ho, ho, ho, it’s that holly jolly time of year again and here come the Grinches trying to steal Christmas…again…still.  The above links are to two of my favorite web sites, Tablet Ezine and The Jewish Daily Forward.  The former titles its  contribution by Lisa Keyes:  Who’s Got Hanukkah Envy? and the latter The Separation Of Menorah And State.

     A menorah for any lagging in their enthusiasm for things Jewish is a candelabra the Jews appropriated from the Persians in that peoples long ago hey day, and a dreidel which enters the discussion as a supreme ‘non-religious’ Jewish symbol, is simply a square top.  It in its turn was borrowed from the Germans according to a commentator:

     …the dreidl letters were originally likely the rules for the game (nisht, half, gantze/ shtel ein)  and was an evolution of non-Jewish tops in Germany with NGHS and the same rules…

   The issue is however whether the items can be displayed on public property as non-religious symbols of religion thus ‘circumventing first amendment issues’ as Eli Federman puts it.   Besides these issue were non-issues until the Jews made them issues for their own ends.

     Having first objected to the display of Christian creches and secular Santas for over a hundred years as a violation of the separation of church and state (another Jewish reading for their own ends), the Jews now wish to circumvent their own objection to religious displays by declaring that their own religious symbols are not really religious at all, they’re now secular.  Hello, hello Central? Get me Big Brother over there at the Institute of Doublespeak.

     While you’re digesting that, over at Tablet writer Lisa Keyes has out Freuded Freud and his penis envy to come up with the discovery of what must a supernatural Hanukkah envy.  Ready for that?  Now, Christmas per Jews must not even be mentioned in school lest ‘non-Christians’ be offended.  But, says Lisa:

      Quote:  (Icons stopped working)

     Last December, Jiming Liang’s (Chinese) son Aidan came home from kindergarten really jazzed about Hanukkah.


    See, little Aidan would be offended by Christmas stuff but not Jewish stuff.   Little Aidan must have gotten jazzed in his homosexuality indoctrination demonstration and carried it over to his Jewish demonstration of the dreidel and the menorah.  Thus two great changes we can believe in were performed on him at once.

     The absurdities multiply but I will close with two quotes from two Jews.  The first from Lisa:  ‘With Hanukkah celebrated everywhere from the schoolhouse to the state house…’  reveals the basic Jewish delusion and hypocrisy as Jews have fought viciously for over a hundred years to remove any and all references to Christianity.  Well, I’m offended that a nutty religion like Judaism should be mentioned at all.  Let’s really separate church and state.

     And secondly a quote from the Jew Yefeh Qol in the comments:


     One often hears (as in the article) that Hanukkah has a “universal” message.  Judaism has always been particularistic.  It is the religion of a particular people- the Jews.   All the festivals are about a particular historic drama- the drama of Jewish history.  Hanukka is about our Temple in Jerusalem (not about religious freedom of mankind) and the restitution of our traditional worship (animal sacrifice).  The successful Maccabean revolt brought about an independent Jewish kingdom in the Land of Israel.  The American public wishes to honor the Jewish tradition and that’s great.  But we are who we are.  The Jews are not just a religious community, like other religious communities.  The Jews are a people that has its own history and its own religion.  It is particularistic.


     Well said with one emendation.  The American public has no interest is honoring Jews qua Jews, this is a Jewish fantasy.  A very large percentage of us would have no regrets if Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Moslemism were outlawed, banned as idiotic ideologies  thus removing any possibility of the establishment of an official religion; I have no idea where this notion of a conflict between church and state originated.

     Let’s all get on the band wagon- Down With Religion-  Return Christmas to Santa Claus.  Secularize American society totally.


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