Nicki Minaj Brands Steven Tyler Racist

Nicky Minaj Brands Steven Tyler Racist


R.E. Prindle

       Oh gosh, almighty.  Racism, racism, racism.  I think it would have been more appropriate to brand Steven a prick.  It rhymes with Nick but Nicki chose to cheapen the term racist still further, thank god.  Let’s get racist down to the level of ‘asshole’ so even the most ardent masochist can laugh it off.  Who but a masochist would take being called a racist seriously.  Who but a ‘shithead’ would even call somebody a racist.

     Nicki should face up the fact that there is great Black and White rivalry going on.  We all bloc vote or should.  Why should a Negro vote Aryan and vice versa?  Get a knee in the groin whenever possible.  Hey, this is the real world.

     Our Negro Pres. did just that when he had an English girl, Lauren Bell, resident here legally all her life, deported from the Negro State of Georgia.  Our dream Pres., who declines to protect our Mexican border while giving Mexican kids honorary citizenship sticks his finger in Aryan eyes by having a legal White girl deported.  Ha, ha, ha, huh?

     I say, bravo!  It’s Blacks against Whites and when you can get one in legally or illegally, morally or immorally, go for it.  Now I would like to see my fellow Aryans take a page from the Mexican book and cleanse our neighborhoods and school of Mexicans and Negroes.  If laws don’t apply to Mexicans then they don’t apply to Anglos either.  Put one in the eye of those races.  Rah! Rah! Rah!

     Were you, Nicki given the replacement of Steven because of your race?  You damn right, as your Negro brothers and sisters would honestly say.  A cute yellow gal always trumps an old, ugly White boy.  Was Tyler’s remark a covert reference to that fact?  You damn right again as we White boys and girls would honestly say.  Racist?  Not a bit but very crude of you to make it clear, Nicki.  You should have had better breeding.

     If you want to know the truth, Bitch, (nothing racist there) I wouldn’t have voted for Bob Dylan in 1962 either.  Further there probably wouldn’t have been one in a hundred Whites who would have.

     Now, Nicki, you may consider this racist or not:  Have you ever heard of Bob Dylan?

     Oh, you racist kid, you.


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