The Detroit Horror

The Detroit Horror


R.E. Prindle

Mayor Dave Bing

Mayor Dave Bing

     Back in 1953 a bunch of us school kids living on the Dixie in Michigan were sitting around talking when someone mentioned that cities such as Egyptian or Mesopotamian ones could no longer disappear.  Things had become permanent.  I objected saying cities such as Detroit, for instance, could disappear.  I was of course hooted down.

     I didn’t know how prescient I was as the Negro Mayor Bing of Detroit just announced (12/1/12) that he was shrinking Detroit to a fraction of its former size, but a size that he believes he and his Negroes can manage.  Thus Detroit will be shrunk to its downtown core and the river front.

     Consider the enormity of this.  Numerous sites on the internet record the decay and loss of vast stretches of old Detroit.  While areas of square blocks intersected by abandoned streets with traffic lights still blinking have returned to the wild.  The deer and the antelope play there so I’ve read.  If you feel the need to pay you can buy ruined mansions for a few thousand dollars.  Otherwise just move in and complete the destruction.

     Without municipal services wild groups or tribes of people, feral people, will soon roam the wastes of Detroit amid the giant looming ruins of abandoned factories.  Grass and tree roots will push up streets and sidewalks as sewers clog and water mains burst returning the land to its primeval swamp.  Mosquitos will reclaim their position in the immense pools of water bringing malaria back.

     The malarial mosquitoes will spread to the surrounding towns causing disaster.  As the Negroes of Detroit will be incapable of dealing with that or any other problem the situation will require the neighboring communities for their own protection to try to clean up the mess.  Drain those swamps.  This will bring them into conflict with the wild tribes leading to bloodshed as their entry will be considered an invasion

     The population of Little Detroit already less than half its peak and now all Negro will continue to shrink as Mayor Bing already with the second toughest job in America according to himself will undoubtedly move up to first unless by that time Detroit will have shrunk to a hamlet consisting incongruously of decaying large buildings.  May I suggest Mayor you rename your tiny empire New Lagos?

     Perhaps the fleeing Negroes will all flee to that wonderful Jewish dystopia of Chicago, one hopes.  At the present the heroic Mayor of Chicago, the Brave Rahm Emanuel, presides over a population 6% Jewish, 25% Aryan, 35% Negro, and 30% Mexican.  The odd percentage is labeled as ‘other.’

     One can imagine only that the Aryan population will continue to shrink to that of Detroit along with probably the Jews, so that Brave Emanuel will be shepherding a largely Mexican and Negro population.  As the Mexicans are very intolerant of Negroes, cleansing them from their settlements, the Brave Emanuel will have a constituency neatly divided along racial lines.

     Congratulations to both Mayors, Bing and Emanuel and may they get exactly what they deserve.

Emmanuel Rahm: The Voice And Conscience Of Chicago

Emmanuel Rahm: The Voice And Conscience Of Chicago


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