Genocide In The 21st Century

Genocide In The 21st Century


R.E. Prindle

      Frank Roman and John Young over at European Americans United while consistently on the right side, that is to say ‘our’ side espousing ‘our’ values, still fail to grasp the future probable course of events.  In their 11/23/12 commentary they say:

     …a white nationaliy government would support self-determination or all races and peoples domestically and around the world.

     This is nonsense.  In the first place one should substitute Aryan for White.  While it might be considered altruistic the authors fail to take into consideration that such an attitude is not shared by our colored brothers and sisters and therefore cannot be entertained by ourselves.  The Chinese desire to indulge their fantasy of being the celestial and middle kingdom.  Not even Communism can blunt this age old belief.  The Moslems too desire a universal religious hegemony.

     Jews and Negroes quite openly call for the extermination of the ‘white race.’  There is no chance of coming to an accommodation with such adamant attitudes.  The Mexicans claim all of the Americas as their own.  As they have demonstrated in US areas they claim they are quite capable of effective ethnic cleansing making their areas 100% Mexican in violation of outdated 20th century US laws.  The Negroes too have effectively cleansed Detroit of an Aryan presence while cities such as Atlanta and Birmingham are in advanced stages of cleansing.

     In addition it is rumored that a method has been found to attack and destroy entire genetic populations selectively leaving all others in the same area alive.  If Aryan scientists have achieved this the virus or whatever it should be employed immediately.  If China or North Korea have succeeded, then beware.  Of course if you believe there are no genetic differences between races then you can sleep peacefully.

     However Young and Roman are correct in implying that the government’s laws do not apply equally to all.  Just as the Mexicans have created ethnic enclaves as have, by the way, the Jews and Negroes, so Aryans must remove their children from integrated schools regardless of any laws.  The children are merely being stultified by the curriculum, if it can be called such, that is inapplicable to their mental development.

     Young and Roman should give up the idea of  ‘fairness’ adopting an Aryans first policy to match that of our enemies.  Call it Aryan Supremacy if you wish but when the San Domingo Moment occurs, as it will, we must be sure to reverse the results of San Domingo.


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