The Morning Of The Magicians

The Morning Of The Magicians


R.E. Prindle

     Western society, the US, has regressed from a realistic scientific mode of thought to return to a magical consciousness.  In spite of a plethora of facts that indicate that we are financially, socially and morally bankrupt with no hope of redemption, there is not a dime that will be paid to reduce the national debt, despite this clear and transparent fact, I say, both politicans and the citizenry appear to believe this reality can be conjured away.

     Despite the facts everyone seems to believe we are entering some impossible Golden Age in which all our problems will magically disappear under the spells cast by the man with magic skin, Barack Obama.  No sooner is the Magic Negro reelected than, while mega problems looming in the immediate future require instant attention, the Magic Negro jets away on a victory lap around Southeast Asia with a probable stopover to visit China to beg them to preserve the fantasy.

     Of course China must know that there is zero chance of recovering any money from the US.  Any further loans will be merely to finance the status quo.  Of course the status quo is of some value to them as long as US consumption can underwrite their economy.  The magicians could also at any time just print a trillion dollar bill and airmail it to them paying the debt and walk away whistling.

     Or, in a more realistic vein, if it matters, the US could just repudiate the debt.  C’est la vie.  The only reason China has any prosperity at all is because the US showed them how and on top of that are financing them through the loan of our economy which they will never return.  Wouldn’t be the first time in history debts went unpaid.  The US financed WWI and WWII at our own cost.  We even financed China’s war with Japan and then the Communists against Chiang.  The debt incurred by Europe during WWI was repudiated plunging the US into a deep Depression.  C’est la vie.

     A very real situation that can’t be conjured away and that may prove fatal anyway is the havoc caused by Hurricane Sandy.  The damage to New York City may be nearly incalculable financially while strengthening the government’s ability to deprive its citizens of their liberties.  As winter is fast approaching it is not improbable that cold and storms may increase the havoc extending it through Spring.

     Beware the magicians who will employ any fantasy to create the illusion that they can control reality.


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