Commenting On Rachel Shukert And Boardwalk Empire

Commenting On Rachel Shukert And Boardwalk Empire


R.E. Prindle


The ever enchanting Rachel Shukert has woven her literary magic in another ambiguous piece; this time complaining about the TV show Boardwalk Empire.  True, the show is as unsatisfying as a Chinese dinner but her complaint seems to be that all the criminals in the show aren’t Jewish and, if I understand her right, they are not as violent as the Aryans.

That’s probably because violence while endemic to US culture is considered not kosher.  And who is more kosher than the Jews?  Thus Arnold Rothstein is the soul of reason avoiding violence whenever possible but forced into acquiescence by the crazy bloodthirsty Aryans.  Not that it will do him much good because when his usefulness is spent a couple shots to the bowels will put him away while enjoying a quiet game of poker with the guys.  Not to worry, his crimes didn’t prevent him from being buried with great pomp and circumstance in consecrated Jewish ground.

Personally I admire the Jewish criminal approach as criminal approaches go.  The Jews commit the crimes, get the money they can spend freely, and the Aryan suckers do the time.  My all time favorite Jewish criminal is the master thief David Bazelon.  He drew a salary from the government while committing his thefts and almost received an appointment to the supreme court of this land of lands.  And he stole the equivalent of billions.  Tens of billions.  Walked away.  Isn’t this a great country?

Gus Russo in his Supermob details some of Dave’s exploits.  Having finagled the job of Director of the Office of Alien Properties during WWII  he directed the pittance of sequestered Japanese properties to his Italian Chicago cronies while making the fortunes of a number of Jewish Chicago families as he ’redistributed’ (to use Obama’s favorite term) the really big money in German copyrights, patents and sequestered firms to his favored Jewish friends in Chicago.  Ever wondered how they all got so rich?

In that clever deed he probably made his fellow Jews so rich they could easily manipulate post-war American society.  Gentlemen’s Agreement, indeed!  Ah prejudice, sweet prejudice.

Like Rache I would like to see that movie in pure form with the Jewish players cast as Jews.  And like her I doubt that it will ever be made either in the US or Israel and certainly not by the victims who lost the goods, the Germans and Japanese.

By all means Rache, let us begin to tell it like it is, or was.

Heil Sidney Korshak, hey?


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