The Morality Of The Religious Left- Rahm Emanuel And Chick-fil-A


The Morality Of The Religious Left

Rahm Emanuel And Chick-fil-A


R.E. Prindle

Emmanuel Rahm: The Voice And Conscience Of Chicago

      Well, well, well.  As Reverend Wright once said:  The chickens have come home to roost.  The hypocrisy of the religious left bares its teeth in Chicago.  When the chicken company, Chick-fil-A wanted to open fast food venues in the Windy City its religious left through its mouthpiece, Mayor Rahm Emanuel,  declared that the religious left would violate the US Constitution and establish the religious left as its religion.

     Rahm complained that the religious right values were unpalatable to religious left values and would be denied their civil rights.  It seems that in this new age of democracy Rahm objects to Chick-fil-A’s position on the heterosexual nature of marriage.  Rahm says that Chicago, presumably emerging from his own capacious mouth, wants no such heretical  notions mentioned on his religious watch.

     Rahm quite succinctly expresses his opinion as though he were indeed the high pontiff, the Pope Of Chicago:

     What the CEO (of Chick-fil-A) said as it relates to gay marriage and gay couples is not what I believe, but more importantly, its not what the people of Chicago believe.  WE just passed legislation as it relates to civil unions and my goal and my hope…is that we now move on recognizing gay marriage.  I do not believe that the CEO’s comments…reflects who we are as a city.

     As is usual for religious fanatics like Rahm he equates his opinion with that of everyone.  To say his views represent Chicago is to say that there is no dissenting from his opinion.  He himself states that Chicago’s citizens do not approve of gay marriage or they would have approved it.  Only civil unions were approved which is not marriage.  A small point.  Rahm does not tell us whether the voters, that is Chicago, voted even civil unions in or whether he unilaterally declared it his will or whether the City Council tyranically and undemocratically declared it.  I suspect one of the last two.  So Rahm has confused his will with that of ‘Chicago.’  I suspect the religious right and independents outnumber the religious left by quite some.

     At any rate this Ceo twit, Cathy, rather than going to court to secure his Constitutional rights and baffle dunces like Rahm has chucked whatever religious ‘values’ he may have had by opting not to fund heterosexual marriage groups for ‘permission’ to open in Chicago.    His values appear to be money grubbing.

     Having mistakenly thrown millions of dollars of business his way because of his professed beliefs the religious right should now refuse to shop Chick-fil-A and let the religious left support the company.

     Good luck, Cathy, you twit.  May God plague your chicken outfit.


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