Ciudad Juarez And The Consequences of Multi-Culturalism



Ciudad Juarez And The Consequences Of Multi-Culturalism


R.E. Prindle

  Ed Vulliamy writing in the Guardian on 20 June 2011 posits that the situation in Ciudad Juarez is the inevitable result of an insane capitalism.  The guys from Ed’s side of the tracks are always ready to blame all ill on what they choose to revile as Capitalism.  We are led to believe that people would not be people and all of their foibles would be cured by Socialism.

     Before there was Capitalism and a ‘natural’ social order reigned one wonders how Ed accounts for criminal areas like Alsatia and the bandit gangs who roamed the roads of the medieval world.  Was Robin Hood an anti-Capitalist?  The resent situation has certainly presented a golden opportunity for the criminals running the drug cartels.  Maybe they would be bad apples under any system.  Might’n it not be Liberal ideals that have created these marvelous criminal opportunities?

     As the saying goes, no drug dealers without drug users.  Does Ed imagine that ‘Capitalists’ are fueling these drug wars by their drug consumption?  Oh, not hardly.  There were no Capitalists in the Haight but there were a ton of drug dealers.  And those friendly drug pushers  were of the ‘people.’  The went around shouting ‘Down with Capitalism’  as they collected their drug dollars.   They lent a big hand toward developing the drug culture that is making the cartels enormously wealthy.  Yea, verily they maintain the cartels in business.

     And when you have big money at stake, a mad hormonal territorialism, it is not unusual that violence is used to maintain it.   Were the booze cartels of prohibition  non-violent or did they turn places like Chicago upside down?  How was it that the Tommy gun became known as the Chicago Typewriter?  What happened on the night Chicago died?  Were the gangsters a diverse lot?  I think so.

     Of course one condemns the violence in Ciudad Juarez that spans the border- remember Mexico is a Communist State- but to blame it on Capitalism?  Tut, tut, Ed.


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