Barry Has A Path To The Future?

Barry Has A Path To The Future?


R.E. Prindle

     In his acceptance speech Barry offered us thousands of words of useless rhetoric that shows either a complete lack of understanding of what he’s already done for the last four years or an astounding cognitive dissonance that crosses the line into insanity.

     There seems to be a complete lack of understanding about how thing are done, about how society is constituted, about how the economy works.  Barry says he’s going to bring jobs back from China.  Why hasn’t he done that in the last four years?  It should have been a top priority.  What evidence is that he even understands the problem?

     Apparently Barry lives in a fantasy world so extreme that it might be thought to be drug induced.  He says:

It will be a choice between two different paths for America.

A choice between two fundamentally different visions for the future.

Ours is a fight to restore the values that built the largest middle class and the strongest economy the world has ever known.

     Endless rhetoric that means nothing and leads nowhere.  Two paths?  What are they and how is his path superior to the other?  Oh, I know, one leads up hill and the other down.  Two fundamentally different visions?  If so, how do they differ fundamentally?  Communism and Freedom?  Is he accusing the Republicans of being Communists?  Really?  What about Detroit? Chicago? Birmingham? Atlanta? and an evergrowing list of bankrupt cities occurring on Barry’s watch?  Is the man deaf, dumb and blind or sniffing glue?

     Forget the rhetoric and tell us how you’re going to address these problems and why you haven’t done anything about in the last four years.  You’re going to, in the indeterminate future, create 100,000 mathematicians and scientists with our crumbling and inefficient schools to defeat a China that has stolen whatever scientific knowledge they have from that old weird America you despise?

     Well, get going, boy, get going.  You can destroy overnight but you can’t build overnight.


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