Elvis Presley: Jewish King Of Rock?

Elvis Presley:

Jewish King Of Rock?


R.E. Prindle

(Wink, Wink)


     When does it stop?  Adam Chandler in his above linked article has the chutzpah to assert that Elvis was Jewish.  One might ask on what grounds was this certified Anglo hillbilly boy Jewish?  Well, Adam goes Hitler two or three better.  While Hitler more rationally concedes that only one grandparent whether male or female made one Jewish, to which it might be added we Jews have always objected, Adam carries Jewish identity back to the grandmother’s grandmother.  He says that halakhically -i.e. from the female side- this very distant ancestry makes Elvis a full blooded Jew and it is time for we Jews to take possession from the Aryans.   Did you just see the ghost of Hitler roll his eyes?

     Here’s the bad news.  The ADL posts certain of my contemporarynotes bits on its site of notable anti-Semites.  But, my great grandmother as Jewish which halakhically makes me a full blooded bonafide you know what.  It’s time the ADL reclaimed me and removed my theological criticisms  from their lists of anti-Semites.  I’m one of ya, guys.  Following the law of return I demand that my theological analyses of Judaism be determed to be what they are.  While not a certified Rabbi I am rabbinical in my approach and demand my Jewish Rights.

     If it is permissible for a Jew like Elvis to sing Christian hymns without profaning his Jewish lips then all bars to the interpretation of Jewishness are down.  We’re all Jews now.

     In Elvis’ and my own best Jewish manner I proclaim anti-Semitism to be a false Jewish doctrine and that it does not exist except in the minds of our paranoid Jewish brethren.  May I suggest Freudian analysis as a cure?

     Am I the messiah and I have I just come?


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