Chicago, Emanuel, Farrakhan, Obama

Chicago, Emanuel, Farrakhan, Obama


R.E. Prindle

     Chicago. Chicago. Chicago.  Rahm Emanuel.  Louis Farrakhan.  Barack Obama.  Let’s talk about Chicago for a minute.  Chicago is now a completely polyglot city of competing minorities.  Whites of all its internal competing nationalities comprise about 25% of the population, Jews 6 or 7%, Negroes, the largest minority, comprise about 34%, the rest being Mexicans, Asians of various stripes and whoever is covered by the term ‘other.’

     At present the Whites are legally disenfranchised by naughty laws not good laws while the small minority of Jews represented by Mayor Manny Emanuel are in charge playing their usual game of divide and rule. One may say that Chicago’s situation represents the Jewish ideal.

     With what little accurate reporting we get from the media it appears that the Negroes are engaged in urban warfare killing a couple dozen people a week while engaging in guerilla attacks on Whites in the streets and White owned businesses.

     In keeping with their divide and rule policy the Jews, Mayor Manny Emanuel,  have placed a wedge in the form of Obama’s enemy Louis Farrakhan to divide the Negro minority.  While not his home town, or even his home country, Chicago is Obama’s home base.  I hear talk of an assassination attempt on the Great Black Elephant.  I can assure you that no White person is going to attempt it however Chicago does have a history of deranged lone gunman assassinations.

     There was the assassination of Chicago Mayor Anton Cermak by Guiseppe Zangara in 1933 and a second notable assassination of President John Kennedy in Dallas in 1963.

     It is interesting that Louis Farrakhan advised Barack Obama on peril of his life not to injure his good friend Libyan President Moamar Qadaffi.  Obama ignored this advice and had Gaddafi assassinated.

     Thus by inviting Farrakhan in to do a little community organizing to capture Obama’s power base Emmanuel is setting the stage for a possible if not probable assassination attempt in the near future when Obama campaigns in his home base.

     Who the ‘deranged’ shooter would be isn’t clear, of course, but he likely will be Negro or perhaps White in order to spark riots, or perhaps some other minority.  Perhap he might even be brought in from Africa.

     Wherever Obama speaks in Chicago I would advise  the use of full body armor.  Farrakhan gave him fair warning.


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