Wag The Dog And The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Massacre

Wag The Dog And The Wisconsin Sikh Temple Massacre


R.E. Prindle



Hey! Hey! Stop a minute.  Let’s go back to Go and start anew.  I repeatedly refer to the movie Wag The Dog in my articles.  That movie is about the reorting of a war that never happened but manufactured by the President and the media for political purposes.  An election, I think.  The media for all practical purposes is a closed end system nearly impossible to corroborate and/or controlling the flow of information.

As an instance of media manipulation let us consider the Japanese girl group AKB48.  This group takes rock groups to new levels.  Itd has its own theatre with forty some members putting on six or eight shows a day.  One never knows which assortment of members will be performing on stage.  Then it was revelaed that one member peforming with the group on TV didn’t even exist; she was a CGI creation.   It gets better:

Additionally, the aborementioned (sponsor) candy maker Ezaki Glico is allowing end users to make their own new AKB48 members.  Go to the comp;an’s Oshimen Maker Web Site and you can create your own new member of the group by mixing the features of existing members.

You see what can be done.  The media never reports anything but that which reaffirms its and the President’s agenda.  The casualty rate from urban warfare in Chicago, for instance, exceeds  the reported Sikh kill on any given weekend yet we hear nothing of such horrific proceedings from the Obama controlled media.

Now, dthe Skih massacre may or may not have happened as was the case with the Albanian war in Wag The Dog.  If it did the killer who was known immediately because he was reported as dead did not have his raced mentioned.  So the shooter was probably Moslem as was the Army shooter of a few months back but that didn’t fit the official agenda.  A new scenario had to be created to erase that infamy.

A day or two later enter the ‘White Supremacist’ Michael Page.  This guy may or may not have existed.  if he did, and ef as is reported he wrote hundreds of exhortations for self-defense from March to the present then he was on every government hit list including the Jewish ADL and SPLC.

In a Jewish scenario we have an incipient Adolf Hitler who would have to be destroyed.  According to the Jewish scenario if Hitler had been murdered before he was elected six million Jews wouldn’t have had to die.  So get this guy now and save the next six million.  As Mark Potok reports Pages song lyrics exhorted the genocide of the Jews ‘and other minorities.’  Obviously Page was a very dangerous Nazi.  Of course the Jew Noel Ignatiev exhorts the genocide of all White people but then he is Jewish so OK.

Obama would want him out of the way for his own scenaric needs.  At any rate, if real, Page was a big blip on everyone’s radar.  An open assassination would be a blemish on dthe self-righteous Liberals escutcheon so what could be better than to take advantage of this disaster than by removing an actual Moslem shooter, assassinating Page and touting him as the shooter.  Two birds with one stone, get what I mean?  I mean, damn man, these so-called domestic terrorists have just not been committing terrorists acts so let’s manufacture some.  Shoot they do it all the time, nooses, swastikas and what not usually blamed on White Supremacists but then turning out to have been committed by Blacks and Jews.  Yeah, they’re found out but black eyes don’t seem to bother them.

Consider Page’s profile that the media provides.  he is ex-Army and we have been told how conservative those damn ex-servicemen are.  (I’m one.)  Why the Great Black Elephant himself wants to deny existing servicemen the right to vote in the upcoming election.

Page was responsible in the Army.  He had a high intelligence job as a missile repairman.  He switched to psychological warfare which means hye was taught some pretty subtle psychological techniquesd which by the way doesn’t square with the bang, bang shoot ’em dead approach.

After an exemplary career he was booted out of the Army for being ‘drunk.’  Being drunk, hey?  Who’s writing this shit?  That ought to thin the ranks out pretty quickly.  Might as well toss him out of picking his nose or using bad language.  Don’t want guys like that in our Army.

We are then told that he became a neo-Nazi for no particular reason and egan a dastardly ‘White Supremacist’ rock band.   Thank god he didn’t choose hip hop;  you know the criminal language those guys are applauded for.

Here’s a quite from the linked article, watch the language carefully:

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit civil rights organization in Montgomery, Ala., described Page as a “frustrated neo-Nazi” whose bands’ sinister sounding names seemed to “reflect what he went out and actively did.”

Oh, really?  The band’s name was End Apathy.  True he could have named the band End Apathy For Democracy’s Sake following the typical Leftist ploy but where’s the threat?  I though ending apathy was high on the Jewish and Liberal agendas.  There are a great many of us who believe ‘senior fellow’ Mark Potok is the devil in disguise also.  Ask how much the non-profit SPLC pays for Makr’s services and then ask where they get their non-profit money.

The ‘loner’ Page certainly in his Army psy-ops job learned the difference between Sikhs and Moslems.  I mean Moslems don’t wear turbans and Sikhs do.  Everyone know that.  When you examine the ‘facts’ closely as always with the media, they just don’t add up.

There have been no ‘Whate Supremacist terrorist acts while I have read of no anti-Moslem behavior.

Beware of the Wag The Dog Syndrome.


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