Hang Romney From A Sour Apple Tree

Hang Romney From A Sour Apple Tree


R.E. Prindle

     Can you believe the incompetence of the Republicans?  Don’t they have a clue that the times they are a’ changin’?   Look at the photo of the card sweet Michelle sent me through the mail.  It’s a complete and total fraud, I don’t believe a word of it.  I’m White and the Obama’s have virtually said Fuck Whites but they know what they’re doing.   The lovely family scene contradicts all their actions but so what?  They know what effect they want to make and they’re making it.   The Republicans have both six guns blazing but they’re aiming at they’re feet.  They deserve to lose.

     The only thing the above photo is missing is Barry”s gay consort, Bomber Bill standing by his side while Bernardine Dohrn should be adorning Michelle.  That would have appealed to everyone.

     Does the dickhead candidate of the Republicans, Mat Romney, have a clue as to what’t happening?  If he does then he’s throwing the election.  Can the Republicans actually not produce writers from their ranks who know h0w to addresss the issues.  If they don’t, doesn’t Mat have the common sense to search the internet for some writers who do?  Screw this guy, vote for your dog.  Throw the worthless son-of-a-bitch out of the convention and start over again.  No convention can be bound by primary relults.  This jerk isn’t the elected Republican candidate.  Hand him his suitcase and show him the door.

     Nobody is going to vote for Mat Romney.  I’ll be forced to write in Mickey Mouse so the Reds don’t fill in a blank space for me.  I predicted long ago that Obama would be a shoo-in.  In what will probably be the lowest turn-out ever I predict Obama will win 80-20, the highest percentage ever.  That will ensure a revolution.

     Obama already just does what he pleases ignoring laws and constitutions and public opinion; look out after the election when he has absolutely nothing to fear.   Impeachment or anything else.  The congress is never going to impeach him no matter what he does.  Republicans absolutely refust to get up off their knees.  I don’t know what is left but revolution.

     The State has been dissolved.


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