Held Captive By Mel Gibson

Held Captive By Mel Gibson


R.E. Prindle





     Rachel is at it again.  This time her specific target is Mel Gibson.  That’s sort of like flogging a dead


horse, but…nevermind.  She has written a very confused screed that appears to have been ignited by a 150 page pamphlet by a black listed screen writer named Joe Eszterhas titled:  Heaven and Mel.  To continue the pun, Joe is giving Mel hell.

     Pardon my ignorance but I’d never heard of Eszterhas before who some ten years or so in the distant past had been a successful if irascible Hollywood scripter.  One gathers he was told that he would no longer be welcome to enjoy his lunch in Tinseltown.

     Fleeing Hollywood like Abe hotfooting it out of Ur of the Chaldees Joe chose to meld into Cleveland where he ‘converted’ to Catholicism.  From what we aren’t told, but as he has a very soft spot for Judaism, perhaps he was formerly of that faith.  I had to research this stuff to find out where I was in Rachel’s screed.  It was tough to follow.

     Joe compares his father to Mel’s:  Rachel paraphases,

     In 1994 investigation by the US State Department revealed that Eszterhas’ father Istvan, then a low level Hungarian bureaucrat, authored a number of anti-Semitic propaganda pamphlets for the Nazis, a discovery that revoked his visa and ruined what was left of the elder Eszterhas’ life.

     Nineteen ninety four would have been the Jewish Madeleine Albright’s State Department.  As an unforgiving Jew that would have to explain why the US felt the compelling need to discover and reveal the deeds of a low level Hungarian bureaucrat not to mention bombing the hell out those lowdown Serbs.  Since when does the State Dept. concern itself with with fifty year old acts of low level foreign bureaucrats?

     Of course Joe was so horrified that he cut his father Istvan dead rather than offend the Jews.  Took fifty years but the Jews finally fucked that mad pamphleteer over.  Istvan the Magyar Ripper.

      But Rachel and her people’s more immediate concern is disposing of Mel.  He wasn’t a pamphleteer but he made half a billion dollars promoting the memory of that despicable villain Jesus the Christ.

      Having found religion or not it would appear that Joe wants to resume his career as scriptsmith but having left a very bad taste in Hollywood’s mouth (no pun intended)  they have been rejecting his scripts.  Hence one imagines, this tome using Mel as a whipping boy.  That ought to please those homo Jewish producers.  ‘Boy.’  Joe more or less says, ‘Were you guys ever right.  Mel is a psychotic homophobic anti-Semite for sure.’  Homophobic?  Where did that come from?  Well, Rachel adjures us:

     Never forget- Before Mel Gibson was an anti-Semite, he was a homophobe;  If you’d like to take this opportunity to shout “what the hell are you doing in show business?’ Please do so now.’

I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to shout and I definitely do not want to forget.  Hear me roar:  NEVER AGAIN.  I’m wit ya Rache.  As Rachel often does, she conflates Judaism, homosexuality and acting.  In a former article (she’s getting the big build up now)) Rache advised us that Hollywood was a homosexual Jewish enclave in which to get roles male actors have to turn homo.  Here she implies that you have to be homosexual to even be in show biz, crosses all racial and religious lines.

     So, Mel, did you turn it up for those juicy roles?  Inquiring minds demand the truth.  ‘Fess up.

     The upshot seems to be that in his attempt to re-enter the ranks of screenwriters Joe wrote a cloyingly philo-Semitic script for Mel about the ancient Maccabees (obviously a delicious type of cooky)that Mel either rejected to spite him or Hollywood won’t produce because they never forget an asshole.  C’est la vie, Joe.  Getting hysterical won’t solve anything.

     Nor Rachel does your confused more than slightly hysterical rant  concerning this breaking news contribute much either.


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