Beyond Belief


Beyond Belief


R.E. Prindle

     Really people, this Obama joke is growing stale.  I find it impossible to laugh anymore.

     President Obama on Friday put the blame for a weaker than expected May jobs report on Congress, saying “lawmakers inaction” has stymied economic recovery.

     “Right now, Congress should pass a bill to prevent more layoffs.”

     Perhaps Obama has been one toke over the line for too long.

     Does this DUFUS really believe that ‘economic recovery’ can be achieved by legislation forbidding companies to lay off uneeded employees?   Does this guy really get it?

     Doesn’t he think that business decisions are up to businessmen and not congressmen?  Why wait for Congress Mr. Obama?  Just issue an executive order.  Better yet why not just send checks for a million dollars to everyone and tell them to go shopping?

     If every man, woman and child, black or white or green can’t see through this man’s vacuity then let’s just say the people of this country will get just what they deserve.

     For shame…for shame…for shame.


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