A Prayer For Rachel Shukert

A Prayer For Rachel Shukert


R.E. Prindle


     Rachel Shukert on Tablet Magazine has tackled the only person mentioned in the media as often as the Jews- Adolf Hitler.  Well, Rachel, let’s talk about Hitler and the 1917-1945 historical period of which for some odd reason Hitler has become the emblem.

     Of those twenty-eight truly horrific years Hitler played only a small part.  How did this age of horrors begin?  With the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  Who led the the Bolshevik Revolution?  The Jews.  How many defenseless  people were slaughtered by this Jewish led Revolution?  Tens of millions.  The years from 1917 to 1945 are years of indescribable human suffering.

     Jewish led slaughters of Aryans defy description.  In one account Jews operated charnel houses into which Russians were led to be slaughtered like cattle, dismembered and shoved out the other end as Jews waded ankle deep through blood and gore.  This part of history has been excised from the history books by the ‘victors.’

     The horrors of Bela Kun in Hungary are mentioned nowhere.  Instead we hear of the ‘monster’ Henry Ford who slaughtered no one.

     Is it surprising that a Hitler arose in Germany to forfend these horrors taking place in Jewish/Communist Russia?  Does anyone really believe that Russian atrocities would not have been repeated in Germany if the Jewish revolution had succeeded in that country?  Of course they would have.  The German Volkists in greater numbers than any Jews would have been run through extermination camps just like those run by Jews in the gulag of the USSR.  Where is the German guilt?

     The Russians even had their name stripped from them by the Revolutionaries, changed to the non-descript Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

     Shouldn’t Hitler and the various Volkist Parties have been concerned lest the same happen in Germany to them?  Germany wiped off the map by Jews to be replaced by some anonymous collection with a name such as the Union of Central European Soviet Socialist Republics?

     Was Hitler a worse demon than the Bolshevik Revolution?  Only a fool could argue that.

     I quite agree with you that it is time for the Jewish hysteria concerning Hitler to end.  It’s time to put Hitler into a historical perspective that explains real reasons for Hitler’s response to possible German annihilation.  It does no good to plead Jewish innocence; in the United States of today the Jewish spokesman, Noel Ignatiev, has toured prestigious universities as an honored spokesman calling for the annihilation of White people by any means necessary. 

     Ignatiev’s program is not an innovation; it can only be a continuation of a Jewish program begun in Russia in 1917.

     ‘Fess up, Rache.  Deal with some truth.  I can’t tell you how my heart went out to you when I read this paragraph in your article.

     There may be no human, living or dead, who has spent as much time thinking about Hitler as me.  I was raised as part of the “Never Forget” Jewish Day School generation, rarely offered a piece of leisure reading by a parent, teacher, or other authority figure that didn’t have to do with little Marta or Franz or Itzik hiding in a crawlspace somewhere.  I sudied these books with morbid obsessiveness, until I had internalized the terror of their message to the point that I spent most of my “play” time packing and re-packing my Snoopy suitcase with the items I thought I would most need when we had to go in hiding.  And as for “never forgetting,”  for nearly five years I couldn’t take a shower without experiencing a panic attack.  As a teenager, I went on the March of the Living, and even now, as an adult, an entire bookcase in my one-bedroom apartment is devoted to what my husband lovingly calls “her Nazi books.”

     Yes, you are right, Rachel.  Just as my brain was sizzled in 1958 when the Jews controlling all three TV networks forced us all, Jews and Aryan alike, to watch zillions of piled up dead bodies being bulldozed into trenches in the camps.  I know what your people’s intent was but it was overkill.  It didn’t ‘sensitize’ me to Jewish suffering, it desensitized me.  Don’t blame me, but, I don’t care how many Jews died.  Perhaps the most anti-Semitic statement of all was the seizure of the airwaves to broadcast this stupid crap that no one wanted to see.  We wouldn’t haven’t wanted to see the horrific rape of the German women by the Soviets either.  But that wasn’t mentioned.

     Horrors that you were subjected to view every week even though nothing had ever been done to Jews in the US.  You were compelled to dwell on these horrors hour by hour, day after day, month after month, year after year.  My, god, who needs Judaism?  For your own good, Rachel, give it up.

     Bless you Rachel.  I know your heart is pure, but your religion is sordid.


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