The Fool On The Hill


The Fool On The Hill


R.E. Prindle

Is he braying or what?

     That any American of any race or color should consider for one moment the re-election of Barry Obama exceeds credibility by an exponent of a hundred.      He and his cabal that includes Bush and Clinton have created the disastrous economic and employment situation by exporting our manufactuirng base to such places as China and Mexico and outsourcing the service tasks while importing millions of additional employees.      Obama represents this as no factor in the disappearance of the economy.  The first thought of any intelligent, and I stress the term intelligent, President would be to just bring back the economy and jobs from overseas while cutting back on the millions of immigrants per year.      Instead Obama’s ‘common sense policies’ are to increase government controls and to further erode our personal liberties.  I imagine he calls the following policies common sense and ‘social justice.’:      Just listen to his ‘optimistic’ proposals: 

     …elimination of tax breaks for companies that outsource…  (read the implications hidden there carefully.)     …a mandated expansion of mortgage refinancing eligibility… (mandated by the executive bypassing the people’s elected representatives with non-existent benefits for the economy while increasing government control of individuals)…     …tax credits for clean energy companies and small businesses  that hire new workers…   (clean energy has already taken a bath that washed away hundreds of millions of Obama dollars stolen from the tax payers while new workers means illegal immigrants in the transformation of society.)     …and creation of a veterans job corps… (a dole and not the creation of new jobs while demeaning the magnificent sacrifices of the very men who have been cruelly taken advantage of for over a decade.  That is over ten years of continuous high stress.)

     Obama is a fool and a palpable ass.  His deceptions are so apparent that only another fool and palpable ass could fall for them.      Bring the economy home.  Start that chant wherever he or his minions appear.  Show complete disrespect to his supporters.


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