Rachel Shukert, Fag Hag


Rachel Shukert: Fag Hag


R.E. Prindle

     Xenophobia, homophobia, racism are all essentially predicated on the idea that the members of the despised group aare plotting to take something away from the bigot.

–Rachel Shukert


Rachel Shukert- Fag Hag?

    Rachel displays all the shortcomings of the Liberal intellect.  In some fantastic way she and they assume that homosexuals are a ‘threat’  simply because they have a backward way of going about sex.  Well now, backward, there’s a word laden with multiple implications.  The assumption is that they are harmless little fellows who just like cock.

     For the time being we can forget that the homosexuals under consideration are Jewish.  Not pertinent to this aspect of the problem.  They are in fact in this case very wealthy, very powerful ‘gays’.  In Hollywood they can and do hurt you in ways that you didn’t even think you could be hurt.  Your career, your life, depends on placating them in the most obsequious manner.  They can make or break any actor’s career.  If he sucks and fucks he gets roles and possible very good roles; if not, well, there’s the highway; you wouldn’t want to eat lunch in this town anyway.  But that’s a different story.  The point is that any star must have submitted to sexual harassment to get a leg up.

     So, these homosexuals have responsible positions that can control the psychological health of platoons of very good looking men as well as influence the mental health of the nation through the mind-fuck of the movies they produce.  Has it proven out that these are nice men of otherwise good moral standing.  No.  It has proven out that they are criminals.  Holding the carrot of stardom out in one hand they say to the aspiring actor:  You can eat this, and then grabbing their crotch, only if you eat this first.  Rachel sees nothing wrong with that, in fact, she thinks it’s funny.  She obviously considers a refusal homophobia. 

     In any law book in existence such a requirement to obtain a job is sexual harassment equivalent to rape.  As Tallulah Bankhead, Tony Curtis and many another actor has said:  Who do I have to fuck to get out of this movie.  It’s supposed to be a joke but there you have it; sex is the currency of Hollywood or one of them.

     So, Rache, can you define Homophobia a little more accurately?  Is John a homophobe?  Really?  I mean, and I’m  not joking, have you ever taken it in the ass to get a job?  That’s a serious question now.

     If such a condition was laid on you, would you check it out with your lawyer?  Suppose the condition was that take on two or three guys at once?  Well, would you do it?  That’s not preposterous.  Read through Kirk Douglas’ autobiography attentively.  That’s the manner in which he got his start.

     I’m embarrassed for you Rache, that you willfully ignore the facts of homosexuality.  Of course, with a cushy job like yours on the line you can probably be persuaded to take any position.


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