Exploring Sex With Rachel Shukert


Exploring Sex With Rachel Shukert


R.E. Prindle




    As mentioned in my earlier piece (no pun intended) Rache takes a pretty liberal attitude towards Jewish sexuality which seems to be framed on the same ‘by any means necessary’ basis of their politics.  Rache agrees that Hollywood is controlled by Jews who can dispense roles based on a ‘will you or won’t you’ basis but disagrees connecting that obvious homosexuality with the equal obvious fact of Jewishness even though agreeing that Hollywood is Jewish controlled.

As she says:

     The real question raised by this statement is the linking of “homosexuality”, a descriptor that is relevant to the particulars of the accusation at hand with “Jewish”, which is not.  What indeed, does one have to do with the other?

This seems to be a backhand way of defaming John Travolta as anti-Semite.  In point of fact in the context they have a great deal to do with each other which if Rache were honest she would admit.

     What John is saying (if he is being quoted accurately by his accuser who surely must be used to being approached in this manner in homosexual friendly Jewish controlled Hollywood is that the men who control his getting good roles, or indeed any role, are both homosexual and Jewish; hence the linking of the two terms.  What makes the homosexual Jews reprehensible in this case is the abuse of power and the actual breaking of sexual labor laws.  We do have a criminal act here, coerced sex.  All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  These homosexual Jews to whom John refers are absolutely corrupt and criminally so.  There is no denying it.

     Now, John didn’t say all Jews are homosexual and corrupt or even homosexual or corrupt.  So Rache, that argument is out.  What he said was that this group of Jews who control Hollywood are homosexual and absolutely corrupt.  Ergo, a proven fact.

     Since Jews also pull the strings in publishing as well as entertainment what did you do to get your position Rache- prone prostrate or genuflecting?  Come on, this is the modern age, people brag about these things, give us the juicy details.  What was it like?

What Is This Nonsense?


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