Greased Enlightening


Greased Enlightening


R.E. Prindle

Le Grand Arnold Schwarzeneger



La Juive Professionelle, Rachel Shukert

  Boy, did Rache Shukert let the cat out of the bag.  Rache is the professional Jew author of works vilifying we Aryans.  Apparently John Travolta offended some ‘homosexual Jewish producer’ because it becomes his turn to be vilified by Rache.  In my role as the professional good friend and critic of Jews and things Jewish I wish to do a little cultural critique on Rache.  By the way Rachel is my faovirite Jewish female name so only good prejudice from this side, hey hey!

     John Tavolta, not one of my favorite actors, was accused by a masseur at the homosexual friendly Beverly Hills Hotel of impetuously grabbing his crotch with the explanation that he learned to love fagotry ‘by accepting that Hollywood is controlled by ‘homosexual Jewish producers’ who require some sexual favors in return for some career-related ones.’  Supposedly Travolta’s alleged unwitnessed act has subjected himself to a lawsuit by an alleged heterosexual masseur at the Beverly Hills Hotel, no less.  Preposterous on the face of it.

Sly Stallone

     Forget the unnamed bullshit masseur.  What John is reported as saying is even better.  Rache is not offended by John’s implication that Hollywood is under Jewish suzereignty.  No, she revels in it.  She says:  It’s not anti-Semitic to make a statement of fact; (news to those of us who have been proscribed by the ADL for that reason) it’s anti-Semitic to imply there’s something wrong with it.

     In other words, whatever Jews do is sinless.  It’s OK for John to say, or imply, that all actors have to assume the position for homosexual Jewish producers to get jobs but wrong to object to it.  Oh, well, as the rapist said:  Just lie back and enjoy it.


George Clooney

    Rache celebrates that indeed homosexual Jewish producers exact their pound of flesh from each and every male star.  The implications here are enormous.  That means that sainted George Clooney takes it in the ass and may lunge for a masseur any day now.  God, even Sly Stallone must be a closet dicklicker.   Horrors, even Arnie himself?  Mel Gibson has obviously been fucked over in more way than one by Jewish Hollywood.  Think of it.  You wonder why this Sheen guy had been acting bugsy?  Shame and guilt obviously.  Like John he just couldn’t take it anymore.  But, since he didn’t have a masseur handy he just flew off the handle.  Good thing he’s not saying why.

     I say no man is immune from his actions, even ‘homosexual Jewish producers’.  Fuck those guys, let ’em stand up and take it like a man.  Give ’em hell, John.  Stick it to them.  George, don’t take it lying down anymore.  And Mel, we always knew you were right, now stop kissing those ‘homosexual Jewish’ asses.  You were right all along.   And Rache, keep up the good work.  It is not anti-Semitic to tell the truth.


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