Shot Across The Bow: Hollande, France, Aryans and Jews


Shot Across The Bow:

Hollande, France, Aryans And Jews


R.E. Prindle

     Robert Zaretsky, a Jew living in the United States, has made himself a participant in French politics based one supposes on his Jewishness.  This emboldens be, an Aryan living in the US, to do the same based on my Aryan affinity to the French.

     Bob is concerned that having lost Sarkozy who he considers not only a friend but an advocate of his Jews, the Pres. elect Francois Hollande may be ‘tepid’ in his advocacy or special concern for his  Jewish French citoyens.

     Bob says, ‘a real friend cannot only observe but criticize too.’ apparently referring to his own Jewish presence.  I would that Bob and his Jews would practice what the preach.

     I, for instance, consider myself a real friend of the Jews who can show my devoted friendship by criticizing as well as observing.  Unfortunately my Jewish friends who I love as my own Aryans do not appreciate criticism contructive or otherwise.

     The thanks I get for my caring enough to criticize is to be defamed on the ADL site by having my well intentioned criticisms reported as  examples of anti-Semitism.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I’m trying to help.  After all for evil to triumph it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.

    And then as if to add insult to injury the Jewish Tablet ezine refuses to let me make constructive criticisms by denying me access to the site.  Where’s that at Bob?

     Now, the headline of Bob’s article carries the provoking headline:  A Shot Across The Bow:  Hollande Faces Challenge Of Winning Over Jews.  From my experience it will require considerable bootlicking, licking the dust off their feet as the Holy Bible says, to come close to that rather than any criticism much less observing.

     One wonders why Hollande would have to go to extreme lengths to ‘win over’ patriotic citoyens like the Jews who owe it their country to aid it in any way rather than demanding to be courted.  The Front National are very patriotic French citoyens who don’t even require winning over but it appears that Hollande and his Jews spurn them with the foot, or perhaps, they are offering it to be licked.  What more could the Jews demand?  Extermination camps for the French Aryans?  With Sarkozy gone perhaps the motive for a law requiring Aryan women to have sexual intercourse only with Africans will fade away too. 

     Just sayin’….


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