At The Crossroads


At The Crossroads


R.E. Prindle


     Negro-Aryan relations have reached a critical junction.  Negroes have apparently exhausted their political and social capital.  What direction relations will take is now at venture.  Barry Obama has brought the issue of race relations to a head over the death of the young Negro thug, Trayvon Martin who was shot in self defense by a White watchman.

     It matters not to me the true ancestry of George Zimmerman.  He may be half this and half that but the Obama adminsitration revealing its true intent has labeled him White and so, White he is.  The issue is White and Black, facts to the side.

     The issue then is, can a  White man defend himself against assault by a Negro?  That is the issue that will be tried in court.

     There is fear than an acquittal will cause Negro rioting that must be avoided at all costs.  Have these pundits considered the other side of the coin?  If George Zimmerman is convicted ought not the fear of Aryan rioting be considered?  Isn’t it possible that Aryans might rampage through what’s left of Detroit, for instance, burning the remains of the city with human casualities in the hundreds?  Perhaps even the fist of Joe Louis rammed into the smoldering remains?

     The fantasy of Negroes entertained by Aryans in such sentimental tripe as Disney’s Song Of The South or the radio and TV show, Amos And Andy have now been proven to be pure bunk.  Negroes are not the kind uncle figure of Uncle Remus portrayed by Disney.  They are not the decent figures portrayed by Amos and Andy.  Having been given a chance to show what they could do they have given us the disappointment of what they do do and what they intend to do.

     Of course I abhor rioting by Negroes or Aryans alike but, let me point out, the country’s history is one of violent race riots- Chicago, East St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Watts, Detroit, etc.  So, rather than being avoidable they appear to be inevitable.  Perhaps Obama’s timing is impeccable.  As Stokely Carmichael said:  All power comes from the barrel of a gun.  The hand that wields the weapon rules the nation.  There is a lesson there for all concerned.

     If rioting can be avoided honorably then by all means let it; but if it is a question of Negro rioting or Aryan rioting why then it is a matter of six of one or a half dozen of the other.  George Martin is innocent of any crime against the thug Trayvon Martin, that is simple justice.  He must not be made a victim and sacrificed on the altar of ‘social justice’.  Martin brought the confrontation on himself with his ‘Boss’ complex.  He merely proved he wasn’t the ‘Boss’ that’s all.  Let Zimmerman  be acquitted at the risk of Negro rioting; let him be convicted at the risk of Aryan rioting.  You can only push a people so far.  Let the blame rest on Obama’s head.

     It may be time to finish the unfinished revolution.


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