Carpe Diem


Carpe Diem


R.E. Prindle


     Obviously great events are developing on an inter-related global basis that are difficult to evaluate.  However whether one grasps the nature of the changes or not it is necessary to try.  What I perceive is a major increase in scale.  Just as 1795 and 1900 marked the move into a larger scale of operation first in Europe, then in 1900 in Europe and the US now we are making a geometric leap nto a full global economy of immense scale.  Whether it can be successfully done remains to be seen.

     Naturally there will be winners and losers as in any change of scale.  The winners are marked out to be China and India.  This is partially based on the enormous numbers or Asians but more significantly because Euroamerica has ceded, given, the economic advantage to the China.

     The global economic change is coinciding  in the US with the escalation of the revolt of the Negroes.  Beginning essentially in the fifties and taking shape in the terrific terroristic tactics of the sixties, followed by the psychological exploitation of the the successful terrorist threats, we Aryans have been reduced to cowering, complaining neuters.

     In actual fact the Negroes are walking all over us.  The Aryan members of congress are apparently unable to resist the depredations of our first Negro president, read slave owner, Barack Obama.  Having learned his lessons in governance from his Kenyan cousin, Raila Odinga, following that African precedent Obama treats the US and its citizens as his personal property with which he can do as he likes.

     We, the Aryans, in the clutch of the White Liberal minority who have occupied our campuses, the reptile media, publishing, movies and all are directing the dissemination of information to direct our fortunes on a downward spiral leading to our global marginalization and destruction.

     What we need is our own sense of direction independent of the clowns in Washington to impose our will on the country.  To do this a cadre of leadership has to be built up on short notice.  A twit like Romney in thrall to an outdated concept of political action is not the man but perhaps managed by us rather than the Liberal forces he might be a good transitional figure while a new political sensibility is formed.

     Make no mistake, the past, the America we grew up in and that world dominance,  has been destroyed.  We enjoy it no more.  Everything has to be built from the ground up.  Of course our mores of the past that were good have to and will be retained.  At the same time they will have to be reimposed as great damage to the social fabric has already been done.

     There is no use complaining because the world is changing.  The scale had exploded.  The object is to identify what we believe, reinforce our mores against the Negroes and Washington and seize control.  But, the world has and is changing to which we must adjust.  We must do the needful.  Great skills must be cultivated.  The Universities and school system must be recaptured.  Don’t let’s cry; let’s get to work.  Shuck off the old skin and grow a new one.  Aryans of the world Unite!  Organize.  Seize the initiative.  We must triumph.  Win don’t apologize.  The situation is hopeful not hopeless; it is a challenge to which we must rise.  The San Domingo Moment is our not theirs, if we seize it.  Carpe Diem.


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