Whither Obama?

Whither Obama?


R.E. Prindle

Trayvon Martin

     The Trayvon Martin affair is turning into a seminal attempt to turn around the slavery of the ante-bellum South.  As a protected class, that is to say privileged class, the attempt here seems to be to establish the practice that Negroes while not exactly above the law as the hate laws accord a privileged status within the law, that no Aryan, who is without the law, that is unprotected by the hate laws, have no right not only not object to ill treatment by protected classes but even to defend himself against murderous assault.

     Thus, what makes this particular crime scene important is to establish the principle that no non-Negro shall interfere with a Negro no matter what the Negro is doing.

     This then replicates and reverses the situation in the ante-bellum South when Aryans were placed in this protected status versus the Negro or close to it.  I wasn’t there, of course, but it is said and believed that any Aryan could lead a Negress to copulate by merely leading her away.


Nick Sarkozy

    Thus we have Barry’s stooge over in France, Nicky Sarkozy, seeking a law mandating Ayran women to copulate with Negroes.  Now only social pressure in the United States- it’s racist not to fornicate with Negroes- the pressure may be increased to a social stygma prior to a law being passed.  All restraints will be off if Barry is re-elected.  As seems clear, congress is under his thumb as no attempt is being made to restrain him although nearly every thing he does is illegal and not really of any force.

     As he continues to outrage more and more people by encouraging ‘his sons’ to commit greater crimes  against humanity- that is to say, Aryans-  he must instigate still greater violence causing relatiation until Aryans can be placed under martial law hence losing all their rights.

     It has become clear that Obama is the Negro’s president and their president alone, hence his actions and laws pertain only to his people while Aryans must create an alternative government to eventually displace the alien Negro government, that is to include congress, Negroes, Jews, Liberal Whites and all.  If there were ever two nations this is that time.

Obama As Stitler



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