The Coming Of The Aerotropolis


The Coming Of The Aerotropolis


R.E. Prindle


     Greg Lindsay has written an interesting article in the above linked piece from the Wall Street Journal.  It is well worth reading if you haven’t already.

     The article may cast a new glimmer of light on the purpose of the 9/11 attack on the US economy.  The reaction of George the Busharoo seemed enigmatic to me at the time.  True, the attack on the Twin Towers was horrific but in the improbability of a series of attacks using hi-jacked airplanes it seemed that Busharoo’s response was either the result of an overwrought mind or might have a sinister purpose.

     The Busharoo shut down, paralyzed the economy, for four or five days while at the same time advising Americans to go out and shop apparently knowing the attack wasn’t that serious while being over.  The entire US airfleet was grounded for four or five days probably taking two weeks to get reorganized while being financially crippled which virtually destroyed its global competitiveness.  Why was this catastrophic act done by the Busharoo?  The airlines actually have never recovered.

     At the same time the Arabs, specifically the Arabs of the Emirates, began to build their ultra modern air facilities based on a futuristic model that excluded the US from a role in the New Global Economy.  The plans for these new aerotropolises having apparently already been formed and awaiting execution.

     Now, the WTC was not only a symbol of American dominance but a talisman of global superiority and dominance.  Thus the WTC model towers began going up around the world until now formerly backward countries sport towers that actually dwarf the WTC, the Emirate tower being a half mile high while the new WTC in Shanghai gives China the talisman of dominance and superiority.

     These aerotropolises in and around which manufacturing is to take place are all outside the US.  the US having none unless NYC can be so considered.  As a result of 9/11 the US has been turned into an unproductive irrelevant backwater with virtually no manufacturing  while the Arab world and the East are emerging as vital centers of global commerce.  Of course they are using Western technology and intelligence for manpower.

     It is doubtful that these two peoples who have never been innovative in the past will be  in the future so that production will be based merely on what has been unless Western innovation continues and is pirated.

     Judging from the consequences of 9/11 however it would seem apparent that a global conspiracy of which the Busharoo was fully cognizant is involved.  The WTC attack may require a more in depth look.   Meanwhile the finger points to the Saudis as being fully involved.


One comment on “The Coming Of The Aerotropolis

  1. More likely it was an attack from alien beings much in the nature of the motion picture, “Independence Day.” But you are right in that there are sinister forces at work in the world today. One of those sinister forces is American Radical Religious Conservatism operating under the power of Dominionists who see the future as a Theocratic Republic with a Supreme Religious Council instead of an elected Congress..and so on and so forth…yata..yata..conspiracy! Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

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