Jewish Gangsters Get Their Day At Museum


Jewish Gangsters Get Their Day At Museum


R.E. Prindle

“These are our founding fathers,”  Goodman said of Meyer, Bugsy and the gang.

“We come from the mob.”

Booster in chief- Goodman

     The reputation of the US has been pushed down to a new low.  Who did it?  Who else?  The Jews.

     Danny Brooks writes a eulogy on Jewish criminals on display in a new ‘National’ Museum Of Organized Crime in Vegas.  The Jewish nation apparently.  Former Las Vegas mayor, Mafia lawyer and pillar of the Jewish community, Oscar Goodman, opened his brainchild in February of this year (2012).  Apparently the museum is an offshoot of the National Holocaust Museum in DC, this one featuring only the most reptile Jewish gangsters.

     Donnie opens his eulogy to Jewish lowlife criminals in this fashion:

     In the mid-20th century, a cadre of tough Jews, shedding the bookish bearing of exiles, went forth to create a new society in a forbidding desert.  Armed to the teeth, they lived outside the law and built this outpost by any means necessary.  Against all odds, despite implacable enemies…

     The implacable enemies were the agents of the law of the ‘Nation’ whose laws these ‘tough’ (read psychotic) Jews were shredding.  ‘Bigoted’ agents who presumably pursued them simply because they were Jews rather than criminals.  Ah, the joys of murder, barbarity, rape and rapine, hey, Danny?  Plus they were thumbing their noses at the despicable goy.  What pleasure.  Kinda makes you feel warm all over.  What a celebration of lieing, cheating, stealing and an unsurpassed brutality (by any means necessary) that would make a man named Horse blush, hey?  Good mosaic family values.

    Las Vegas is a Jewish immigrant success story as ‘visitors see a pantheon of mosaic Murder, Inc. veterans, including Moe Dalitz, Gus Greenbaum and Moe Sedway on a progression from street toughs to casino magnates to pillars of the [Jewish] community.

     Only the Jews would make little tin gods of these brutal sub-savages and call their home a Pantheon- Temple of  the Gods.  What happened to monotheism, hey?  Only Jews would make these sub-humans pillars of their community.  We immoral, according to the Jews, Aryans shoot down our own criminal element like dogs.  Pity poor John Dillinger who shot up towns but had a heart of gold.

     I suppose next downtown squares in every ‘American’ town will be erecting colossal statues of Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, the heroes of Murder, Inc., right next to their Holocaust Museum.  Perhaps the National Holocaust Museum should pepper its plaza with a dozen or so statues- Greasy Thumb Guzik for instance.  Maybe a few old fashioned functional slot machines to recall the good old ‘by any means necessary’ days.  Get Big Al Dershowitz to dedicate this great ‘American’ tribute to these men who ‘took a shortcut to the American (read Jewish) Dream.’

     Hey fellas, mah fellow Americans, ‘We don’t know why we love ya like we do, but we do.’  There’s a fine line between love and hate though and is is sometimes hard to tell when you’ve crossed the line.  But, what the hell, by any means necessary, hey?  Lighten up, guys:  Get rid of both of those god-damned, fucking, shitty museums.  (A little tribute to another of those ‘tough talking’ pillars of the Jewish Community– Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Saint Lenny Bruce.)

  You guys are my heroes, I’m learning to talk tough too and not take s–t from anybody,too.  Unfortunately that includes you.



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