Obama Administration Shredding Its Credibility

Obama Administration Shredding Its Credibility


R.E. Prindle


Whites In America Are Tho Evil.

     The years since Obama entered the Oval Office have been years of increasing racial tension.  Not a week goes by, hardly a day, that some egregious hate crime isn’t committed.  Usually they are heinous as in the case of the Straits in which a Negro raped and killed an 85 year old great-great-great grandmother.  Always, always the hate crime is committed by Negroes against Whites.

     Now, because some young Negro thug has been shot by a watchman on duty while the thug was trespassing in a gated community the nation’s business is being interrupted while Congress is called to discuss this incident as a ‘hate’ crime committed not by a White but, at least, from a Negro point of view, not another Negro.

     There was enough crime in Zimmerman’s neighborhood for the residents to hire a security force.  It is the duty of the security company to earn their money by protecting the neighborhood from intruders.  Any strange person in a gated community can expect to be approached by security.  It is usual, normal, even a seventeen year old understands that.  I presume that as a gated community the streets are closed to public access.  Thus one must have a reason for being there other than a quiet place to munch your ridiculous Skittles.  For Christ’s sake what kind of a nerd buys Skittles?  Sounds like a put up job, doesn’t it? 

     The sane response, the proper response when a security guard stops you then is to explain why you are in an exclusive area rather than playing tag with him, then punching him in the mouth with no warning.  It is absurd to think that Zimmerman working in a predominantly Negro neighborhood, the community is 50% or more Negro, would think, Oh, look, a Negro.  I’m going to shoot his Black ass.  No, no,no.  Never, never, never.  Not a chance.

     Obama, as usual, is stirring up race hatred for his own political purposes.  Zimmerman isn’t the villain here, he was the victim of a set-up gone wrong.  Our own first Negro pres, Barry Obama, is the culprit here.


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