Just Say No!

Just Say No!


R.E. Prindle

No Peace No Justice

     One of the requirements of the office of the presidency is to be president of all the people not just some.  Barry Obama has failed in this sacred duty.  His recent actions have proved conclusively that he is president of Negroes and Negroes alone.  He has chosen to throw the people who elected him, the majority Whites, under the bus.

     Throwing away his helpers and supporters is nothing new to Barry.  He disses his mother who gave him the African heritage that got him elected by marrying a dissolute, drunken Kenyan, a disgrace to any society.  His grandparents who sacrificed a great deal to give him the necessary foundation to succeed while teaching him how to Think White, he tossed under the bus without a qualm learning to Act Black on his own.  In his success he let his wonderful grandmother die without even a good-bye at her death bed.

     The White majority who elected him he is now disenfranchising, promoting only minorities to the most important positions.  In this affair of his ‘son’, this young Negro thug, Trayvon Martin, he has thrown down the gauntlet to White America by seeking the San Domingo Moment.

     Having disenfranchised the simple minded Whites without a whimper from them one wonders what, not his, but their next step will be?  Will they accept the yoke of servitude while he continues to dismantle the institutions, the traditions, the very structure of the country in a manner reminiscent of Detroit?  Or will they assert their rights and their very identity?

     If an election is to be held in 2012 now is the time to determine the outcome.  There is no need for the Democratic Party to endorse him for a second term.  They must choose him; he cannot choose himself.   The convention can easily reject him and choose another candidate.  If the Democratic Party fails in their duty a more unlikely alternative, if he were elected, would be to simply send him back to Kenya.  There is no duty to swear a totally unfit candidate in.   We don’t want him.

     If the nation is so simple as to fail to do the needed I would rather join the Obamites than identify with such a spineless, useless people.

     What was that Nancy Reagon said:  Just Say No!


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