Searching For The San Domingo Moment

Searching For The San Domingo Moment


R.E. Prindle

Thanks For The Votes, Suckers.

       San Domingo, now called Haiti, was once a French slave colony with a fair body of French Whites and free Mulattoes.  Then one day as the nineteenth century dawned the Negroes seized the moment rising up and slaughtering the French Men and the Mulattoes while keeping the White women as whores and slaves who, except for a few who chose death after the dishonor of being gang banged and tortured to death, accepted the offer.  This is known in both Negro and White history as the San Domingo Moment.

     It sent an electric thrill through White America and was quite a topic of conversation between 1810 and 1860 among both Whites and Negroes.  The story is now all but forgotten among Whites but is a living scar on the Negro psyche.  Of course, slavery is not the issue as Negroes found slavery very amenable under Negroes in Africa but offensive under Whites anywhere.  Yes, it is race, there is no question about it.  Now accept it, and act accordingly.

     Since the accession of our first Negro president, Barry Obama, the search has been on to find that San Domingo Moment when White mens are slaughtered and White womens…well….

     Thus young thug Trayvon Martin who was shot and killed in the course of a watchman’s duty seems to be being worked up as a rallying point by none other than our inestimable president Barry himself.

     The rough, tough nature of the area patrolled by the watchman  is established by the fact that he was required to carry a gun, but…you know, but….

     Not only is Barry  working the field but Uncle Al Sharppie, the very reverend Lou Farrakhan and the less than reverend, Bonehead Jackson have weighed in on the issue whipping up the Negro fever.

     Sometime in the next couple months might be the ‘right’ time to activate the San Domingo clock as it is beginning to look a lot like Barry may have to rely on the Negro and possibly the Mexican vote to be re-elected.  Stuffing the ballot box wouldn’t hurt either, but, heck, oldest trick in the book although as we are led to believe suitable only for totalitarian governments…oops, did I just let the cat out of the bag?

     The Right Reverend Lou is invoking something not on the law books he calls The Right Of Retaliation.  I’ll see that and raise by something called the The Right Of Retribution.  In other words, if you make a move on us, you’ll get yours and we won’t stop.  Let’s resolve this issue now.

     Uncle Sharppie himself is threatening immediate direct action, in other words, an armed insurrection with his Negroes taking to the streets.  That might be good because there’s at least forty million trigger happy Whites with automatic weapons who would also like a moment to seize.  Just sayin’.

     What it seems to amount to is that an isolated murder or two may be of no moment.

     But, hey, Barry, Lou, Boney, Uncle Al, if you want to rumble meet us on the corner.


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