If Barry Had Grandparents They’d Look Just Like Bob And Nancy Strait

If Barry Had Grandparents They’d Look Just Like Bob And Nancy Strait


R. E. Prindle



Bob And Nancy Strait

     Good week for murders, although more will be coming up.  It’s looking more like a religious/race war all the time.  Over there in France Obama’s stooge, Nicky Sarkozy, had to deal with a ‘Frenchman’ (Moslem immigrant) who managed to wipe out three of France’s Negro elite soldiers while a few days later despatching half a dozen Jews including a couple tots.

     Then over here in outre mer, Trayvon Martin a cute little 6’2″ Negro football player bought it from a security guard who, as the reptile media have it, was a rabid racist White Supremacist, while Trayvon was just a young giant out for a stroll with a box of Skittles in his hand.  I’m not sure but this may be an ad for Skittles as the fact is ostentatiously mentioned repeatedly.  I can’t have much respect for a kid that prefers Skittles to M&Ms.  And, I don’t want to sound like a bigot but they have to be peanut M&Ms.

     Well, naturally, the guard is described as White although looking Hispanic and having Negro relations.  Anyway Barry dropped the affairs of State, of negligible importance,  and carpeed the diem to announce his longing for a son while averring, against what evidence I don’t know, if he had one he would be a replica of young 6’2″ Trayvon.  Trayvon was cute for a football player but not that cute.

     Pyrotechnics were not finished for the week.  Moving a little futher West to Oklahoma we learn that a great big strapping buck,  it isn’t clear whether if Barry had a son this one would like just like him, by the name of Tyrone Woodfork, 20, raped and murdered an 85 year old great, great, great grandmother.  Then the strapping young pride of Uncle Al Sharpton’s foot soldiers, turned on Nancy’s 90 year old husband, Bob, and stomped him flat.  It not clear whether young Tyrone was wearing steel toed boots or whether he was unarmed and used his bare hands.

     Obviously Bob and Nancy are part of the great war on Negroes that Uncle Sharpie avers is taking place here in the Land of Love.  I don’t know how Uncle Al figures figures it, but I suspect he thinks Bob and Nancy invited Tyrone in to kill them in order to make Negroes look bad.  They gave him the keys to their car beforehand as a reward.  The police mistakenly stopped Tyrone driving the car thinking it was stolen.

     At any rate Barry went on global TV to back up Uncle Al’s assertion of this rage to kill Negroes by Whites.  Howsomever when two White people who might very have been Barry’s grandparents were raped, battered and killed by a Negro youth there is a mysterious silence coming from the very race conscious White House from that great decider, the Commander In Chief.

     Well, enough of White people being murdered by Negroes.  To return to France, the French people (read Jews) are complaining that even though this Moslem murdered a half dozen Jews there has been no anti-Semitic outrage.  The Jews are calling for breast beating, hair pulling and riots on their behalf.  Barry is mum on that point too.  And, honeys, my sympathy well done run dry a couple years back.  There’s too many outrages in this world for this little boy to get worked up.  I’m still lamenting those six million Jews that Hitler got eighty years ago.  Check in eighty years from now and see if I have time for this weeks happenings.


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