We Must Invent A New World

We Must Invent A New World


R.E. Prindle


Matthieu Pigasse

      Matthieu Pigasse the CEO of Lazard Financial Advisory of France has opened a sideline in the field of Communist propaganda.  Eschewing the usual ‘progressive’ claptrap he presents what purports to be an intellectual manifesto.      In some perverted travesty of the Communist Manifesto he begins his with the stirring call:  Today, all of Europe is living in doubt.  Certainly dramatic but I can assure him that no one in Europe is living in doubt.   The Jews and Moslems have no doubts about their agenda, they know where they are headed as well as their Liberal sychophants which would include I should think our M. Pigasse himself.  The Conservatives have no doubts nor do the African hordes for whom Nicky Sarkozy wants to pass a law requiring Aryan women to bear their children thereby achieving equality and an end to ‘racism.’  As a matter of fact everyone seems to have no doubts at all.      Still, M. Pigasse states:  We are living through a turning point,  in great confusion.  Granted we are living through a turning point but neither Barry Obama nor his stooge, Nicky Sarkozy, seem to be in either confusion or doubt; they appear to be extremely self-possessed and confident.  Nevertheless, Matt states:  We must struggle against this doubt…  Well, go and and struggle, Matt; I’ve got things worked out myself.      Matt says:  We must must invent a new world….Many believe that in a so-called global and liberal economy, governments should have no power.  They are mistaken….       But, dictatorships along the lines of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Roosevelt and the one you propose have no place in the world.  No government has the right to tell women who they must fuck; nor does any have the right to teach five year old boys to butt-fuck in school as your totalitarians are attempting.      Ah, but, Matt says, we must have absolute equality, all differences must disappear.  Well, OK, Matt, let’s make the world over in my image, without a doubt the right thing to do and a thing I can wholeheartedly endorse.  I can’t imagine a better world than one filled with replicas of myself.  But, that’s not the equality you meant is it, Matt?  No.      You meant that Aryans must cease to excel, stifle themselves, right?  As you say:

      For five centuries, our continent (you mean to say, we Aryans; continents can’t do anything but drift.)  have been able to invent the ideas and goods that have transformed the world, yet it seems to have lost the secret of their manufacture.  It no longer knows if it is capable of inventing the world of tomorrow; it doesn’t know if it has a common future anymore.  Unquote.  (The site has ceasing functioning properly at this point.  Below is my own writing.)

As Tennyson once said Matt:  Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay.  If we Aryans are not to create the world of the future, then who is, Matt?  Do you really think China is capable of transcending its stagnant past cycles?  Are we to look to Africa for hints as to our future?  Is that where scientific advances will come from, the Negro ‘equals’ of the Aryan?  Do you have doubts, Matt?  I don’t.  Nothing is to be expected from either the whole of Asia and/or Africa.  What indications are there that they can do what they’ve never done?

Meanwhile Zimbabwe and South Africa create areas of equality by exterminating the Aryans while you cheer from the comparative safety of France.

     Out of that three thousand dollar tailor made suit, Matt, and those fifteen hundred dollar shoes.  Get equal, kid, into your baggys and sneakers, no Michael Jordans either now.  Give away your magnificent salary and your expensive residence.  Move into the banlieux.  Get yourself a Negro wife.  We’ll believe in your idea of equality when we see you set the example.  We’re not going to do it, but we want to watch you.



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