The Importance Of Being Aryan

The Importance Of Being Aryan


R.E. Prindle

     Noel Ignatiev, the leading anti-White genocidist, has correctly pointed out that Whiteness is not a culture.  What he fails to indicate is that his Libero-Jews stripped Whites of their culture designation in the aftermath of the Nazi-Communist confrontation of the first half of the nineteen forties after the Nazis lost the confrontation.  So while Whiteness is not a culture, Aryanism is.  the key is accepting our Aryan identity.

     Aryans have been the great culture bearers of history to whom all other peoples are indebted.  While since the Jewish Emancipation Aryans have allowed the Jews, for some inexplicable reason, to shape and write their historical narrative, it is now time for that mistaken attitude to be revoked.  It is time to disregard the objectives of the 2% and reassume our Aryan identity along with the racial consequences thus hopefully ending the splintering of the folk into many compteting ‘Indo-European’ groups.

     Aryan history began somewhere in the vicinity of the Aral Sea in Central Asia.  About 2000 BC the folk having apparently developed a magnificent Weltanschauung that would fertilize the world’s peoples began to move, to expand.  Thus, what many historians consider the first migration was through the Khyber Pass into India.  the Sanscrit language, which those historians, mistakenly I believe, consider the mother tongue because the language has been lost at its source in the North, is the earliest known Aryan language.

     It would seem impossible to believe that several groups didn’t migrate East into China where they were absorbed even more completely than they have been in India.  There must be genetic traces among the Chinese.

     The stream that changed the history of the world West of the Aral Sea moved out in wave after wave for millennia through the Caspian Gates into Iran and Anatolia and over the Black Sea South into Greece  and further West into Europe proper.  The Sumerians an early group dropped down to the Euphrates establishing civilization in the Middle East.  Medes, Hittites and Persians followed them into Iran and Anatolia.  Others rounded the Black Sea moving South into Greece founding the civilization of the West.  Succeeding waves colonized Europe and the British Isles.

     Thus while it has been difficult for now-Western minds to connect their ancestry back to the Aral racial fountainhead, the cultural continuity is expressed in the medieval Arthurian legends and also with a very direct connection to the Lacedaemon of Greece.

     So, no matter how far from the source we’ve roamed we are one people with the same racial ethic that differs from that of the Semites, Negroes and Mongolids.  While those other races have retained racuak solidarity we have disregarded ours  becoming various competing national groups.  It is now time to reclaim our Aryan identity.

     We must stop talking and thinking ‘White’ which is merely a racial characteristic having only an incidental relationship to our Aryan identity.  It is time to begin thinking Aryan and assuming racial solidarity.  Blood is thicker than water with us as with the other races.

     Think of yourself as Aryan.


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