John Derbyshire, Multicultural Elites And Race Realism


John Derbyshire, Multicultural Elites And Race Realism


R.E. Prindle

     The 21st Century is going to be one of those junctions where the past meets the future.

     In a speech at the CPAC convention John Derbyshire takes a peek at emerging realities from a racial point of view.

     That our elites might turn racist does not sound outlandish.  The reigning doctrine on race throughout the Western world today is the Standard Social Science Model….According to this doctrine, all observed group differences are the result of social forces.  The Standard Model says that there is a conceivable, discoverable, attainable configuration of social forces in which all group differences would vanish; and that we ought to strive to shift our own society towards that configuration….

Looking to the future, there are three possiilites.  One of them is that our elites will continue to adhere to the Standard Model.  The other two are implied in the extract I just quoted…Possibility Two: We may attain “the candor and realism about race that is so urgently needed.”  Possibility Three: Our elites will revert to “open racism.”

While the race model is inextricably tangled up in the problem I would suggest that it is subsidiary to the real problem.  The real problem is that essential tasks of the world’s work is unpleasant, yet it must be done, while the organization of the world’s work must be done by high IQ people.  Low IQ people cannot be taught to do high IQ work.  There is a sharp division between the two groups.  Therefore the real problem is not one of race but intelligence.  Aldous Huxley in his Brave New World solved the problem by creating various degrees of intelligence of which the Gammas, as the most stupid would be too stupid to object to their inferior status.  Huxley of course wrote a fairy tale.  In the real world it is somewhat different and no matter what the solution won’t be easy probably unattainable.

IQ is a tricky subject, so I won’t complicate it more than necessary.  Let us just say that groups based on IQ rather than race might be, Group A, 140-160+, Group B 115-140, Group C 95-115, Group D 70-95, Group E, non-functional.

Group A is a miniscule part of the population while a very high IQ can be misleading, Group B is largish but not huge nevertheless it must be the work horse of the intellectual work backed by the large Group C.  Group D takes out the trash while E serves by standing and waiting.  The lower part of Group C and Group D will be mixed Aryan and Negroe and neither is going to be content with inferiority nor does a low IQ mean that they are functionally stupid.

The problem then is how do the elites go about their work, undoubtedly acting offensively as elites will do, while controlling the lower groups at the same time.  They aren’t going to behave fairly so forget that.  For social reasons they will exclude certain highly intelligent individuals from their ranks who are going to be real troublemakers when placed in the lower ranks.

So, race or no race an explosion is inevitable.  The elites cannot possibly fill their ranks with lower intellects who cannot possibly function at high IQ levels as is now actually the case with the desperate attempt to concilate Negroes with places they can’t possibly fill while offending higher IQ people who pushed down to make way for the lower IQs.

So while I understand Mr. Derbyshire’s utopian hope that ‘a realistic understanding’ will take place I’m afraid it can’t be

So the real question really is who will off whom.  Aryans organize and be prepared.


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