Un-Fair Campaign Makes Racist Attack On Aryans

Un-Fair Campaign Makes Racist Attack On Aryans


R.E. Prindle


     The racist crowd operating as Unfair Campaign has opened a campaign in the far North predominantly Aryan city of Duluth, Minnesota.  The campaign is directed at what the racist crowd calls Whiteness, which is to say it is anti-Aryan to give it its proper name.

     That makes things pretty clear.  Behind the campaign must be coloreds such as Negroes, Semites Mongolids or peoples of some hue who do not consider themselves White or Aryan.  Let’s use the word Aryan henceforth to put things into their proper racial context.

     Now, these Negroes, Semites and Mongolids or whoever bandy about a number of words whose meaning is at best ambiguous if not bigoted.  According to the propaganda the Aryan species have attained their place in world history by ‘privilege.’  If Aryans have or had a ‘privilege’ then someone or something had to grant it.  I doubt that a grantor can be found.

     A word racists never use, and perhaps with good reason, is ‘merit’, because if anyone or thing granted such a thing as ‘privilege’ to Aryans it could only have been obtained through merit in which case it cannot be a ‘privilege.’  Language is important.   In the instance of only one example, that of the marvels of modern medicine that have allowed the Negroes, Semites and Mongolids to multiply so rapidly over the last hundred fifty years, did not appear magically.  Nor did the Negroes, Mongolids and Semites have anything to do with their discovery or development.  Yet without these medical wonders their populations would be roughly where they were a hundred fifty years ago.

     So where did this medicine come from?  The hard work and thought of Dead Aryan Men of the nineteenth century and living Aryan men of today.  How did Aryans achieve this ‘Aryan knowledge’  the results of which they gave to Negroes, Semites and Mongolids free?  Through privilege?  No. Through merit, a merit which none of the other human species displayed, although it is imagined they could have.  Aryan minds developed this knowledge while Semites, Negroes and Mongolids patiently endured the will of their imagined ‘gods.’

     So these people at Unfair Campaign must prove that there is such a thing as ‘White Skin Privilege’ rather than just announcing it.    They really can’t.  That is why merit is no longer a criterion for employment or advancement, only race, because the most qualified candidate is usually going to be an Aryan.  Without ‘colored skin privilege’ or Affirmative Action as it is called the colored cannot compete.  So Affirmative Action, or what in golf is called a handicap, allows coloreds to compete with Aryans.

     Affirmative Action, then, like it or not, is prejudicial against people of merit.  The best are now rejected in favor of the incompetent.

     Thus one wonders where people like Ellen O’ Neill, the executive director of the YWCA are coming from when they sputter nonsense such as:

     It is difficult to see and understand racism when we as White People are not subjected to acts of discrimination and intolerance.

     By White People Ellen means Aryans.  Aryan is the species or race as the more ignorant call it not White People which in itself is a racist designation.  Racists should stop using it.

     The Aryan species is an ‘unprotected’ people according to racist hate laws, and Aryans are the only people excluded from the protection of the hate laws so we do understand exactly what racism is.

     As Aryans, then, disregard this racist propaganda and learn to shun ignoramuses like Ellen O’ Neill and her ilk.  Don’t even speak to her.


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